The Force (Superheros not star wars) Chapter 7 and up READ INTRO!!

Hey guys some of you may be thinking THE FORCE thats from star wars but I promise it isnt its a superhero story and my friends think its awesome so please read if you need the first few chapters they are under my favorites Thanks soooooo much for reading this and please leave any opinions at the bottom or ideas if you want thanks.

Chapter 1

Panic Kats POV

All of sudden Evil Guy jumped up and stared at jojo then in a blink of an eye they were gone. Brandon was left looking like a fool with his lips puckered up. I admit it was hard not to laugh. "Their gone! How could this be they were here one second and gone the next!!!" Link yelled clearly confused on what just happened. "Well its clear that he kidnapped her or shall i say heronapped." Jake said. "before they disappeared i was reading his mind he was thinking 'Control focus on controlling her to take you to the hide out. Next to the old abandoned wal-mart.' " I said "Well thts not much help" brandon complained. Everyone just looked at him "Bro yes it is he told us exactly were his hide out was" Pryo said. "This guy is such an idoit what kind of villian puts their hide out right by the Heros hideout?" Angel asked. "Duh he is stupid dude his name is Evil Guy how original is that?" Jess asked. "Enough chit chat guys i was just about to ask her to the ----" Brandon started "Umm i mine uh" "Asked her to the what?" Angel asked "Omg how could you plan a dance and not tell us how rude is that you cant just tell a girl at the last minute that theres a dance we have to get ready and buy clothes..Well since we live in wal-mart its different but still" I yelled. "Calm down how did you know anyway...Wait you read our minds didnt you?" He asked walking over to me and putting his arm around me trying to calm me down. "ya but you still need to tell us!" I yelled. I was so frustrated with him right now. "Well nows not the time for this conversation." Brandon said. "fine but as soon as we get home with Jojo your gonna get it." I warned. "Fair enough." Jake said he took my hand and and said "Hold on tight! ite you guys there" Then all of a sudden the wind speed up and all these colors were flying past us. All of a sudden we stopped. "That was amazing." I told him. "Yep and i figured this would give us time to talk." jake said. "Well what did you wanna talk about?" I asked. "Well....." he started. "Well what?" i asked. "Iwantedtoknowifyouwantedtogotothedancewithme?" He said. He said it so fast that i didnt understand a word he said. "Im sorry i didnt quite catch that." i told him. he took a deep breathe and said "Kat do you wanna go to the dance with me?" "Of course i would love to!!" I yelled.

We talked about all this random stuff and i found out tons of stuff i didnt know about him like that his favorite color is blue (just like mine) and that he always carried a penny in his pocket for luck. Then he started getting closer and closer to me. When he was as close as he could he leaned in just an inch from my face. Then of course Angel ruined it by saying "AWWWW HOW CUTE" I could have killed her but i held myself back. "Y'all need to stop focusing on each other and start focusing on saving the beautiful Jojo whos eyes can see through your soul......Did I say tht out loud?" Brandon said "Yep, man tht was deep. I'll try not to tell her what you said once we save her." jake said. "now come on we will probably have to go in through the roof." Angel and Link said. Was Angel blushing? i walked over to the door and pushed it it swung open easily. "Or we could go threw the door." I said. "I'll make sure its clear using my invisibility." I walked in and of course he had no cameras or anything. How stupid could this guy be? I told them it was clear and they walked in "Hmm i wonder which way he put jojo." Brandon asked Looking down both the Hallways. "Hmmm it couldnt be the one tht says JOJO on the door. Are you sure your not suffering from
brain lose now that shes gone?" I asked pushing threw the door. In the middle of the room Jojo was hovering her eyes closed. Brandon ran over to her yelling"Jojo what he do to her?" "Wh-wh-where am i? Brandon is that you? All i remember is ugh i dont remember a thing." She said. "It's ok Jojo im here now dont worry." Brandon said picking up Jojo. We were bout to walk out the front door when Link said "It cant just be this easy." "Actually yeah it can" I answered. "Im starting to remember he said he was gonna go get milk for his breakfast." Jojo said. "Then we better hurry" Angel said. We all ran next door to our hide out. Brandon took Jojo to her room and all the other were so tired tht they decided to go to bed early.

Me and Jake stayed up and played Fable 3. "Haha i win you evil monster!!" I yelled as i destroyed the last monster on the game. "Thats amazing you play better then Pryo!" Jake yelled "Ya i no im pretty awesome." I said jokingly. Then out of no where Jake kissed me. A few minutes later i pulled away. "You ready to try and beat me at Batman?" I asked "Your on" Jake replied and i put in the batman game. We played tell like one i passed out on the couch. When i woke up i was in my room. Was last nite just a dream? I hoped not. I walked in the the Kitchen and Jojo said "Heard you kissed Jake last nite." "How did you know?" I asked. "Jake told me and brandon yesterday." She answered "He really likes you ya know. He wouldnt shut up about you to brandon the first day y'all meet." "Really? Well umm what time is it?" i asked. "its 9 everyone usually doesnt wake up tell ten" She said. "Ok well im gonna go talk to Pryo cuz i believe i saw him in the Library when i was walking past." I told her. I walked down to the Library. I saw him sitting at the table alone. He seemed like a nice guy when he isnt mad. I want to be his friend so i came and walked up to him and asked "What you reading" he jumped a foot in the air "Dont scare me like tht" He told me "Sorry" i replied. "Im reading The Lost Hero." He finally answered my question "I love that book." I told him we talked for a while. "So we are friends?" i heard him ask "Of course." i answered

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