The Force Chapters5 & 6

The Force Chapters5 & 6

Evil Guy: well heres a creative one this is the villain who is featured in soon comming chapters (hes not too bright)

he has the power to control ppl's body and he is super strong maybe even stronger than Link

he also has a very un health obsession with Jojo.....this could pose as a problem

NOTE-we find out a lil more about our new friend Pyro

Chapter 1

Some ones got a hot temper! (Jojos POV)

by: KF93
"KAAATTT!! WWAAKKKEEEE UUUPPP!!!!!" i yelled shaking her. she rolled over and mumbeled "imm awa-" "Kat do not lie to me! now stand up and get dressed! breakfast is ready, i cooked backon eggs and biscuts just for you!" i intuped. she emeditly jumbed out of bed, she loves my cooking:), when i got to the kitchen i found her munchin on some bacon. "So. . . you slept pretty late, what happend last night " i asked her face emeiditly turned red "well do you remember mol-" kat started "morin ladies" Brandon said walking in to the kitchen, "smells yummy who cooked?" he asked "i did" i said with a smile ... ok i admit i was trying to impress him. "yumm it tastes better than it smells" he said takin a big bite of biscut. "glad you like it." i again said with a smile. at that point every one was in the kitchen sittin and munchin on their breakfast. "So Brad-" " DONT CALL ME THAT! CALL ME PYRO!" he interuped/yelled. "dang im sorry i forgot" i said, my feelings were kinda hurt 'geese i was just tryin to be nice, that makes me so mad!' "Jojo calm down" Kat said, of corse she read my mind. "dont yell at her she was just tryin to make you feel more welcome and part of the group" Brandon said trying to level his temper. Pyro just stood up and walked out of the kitchen and back to his room. "We will go try to calm him down" Jess and Sterling said and they followed him to his room.

So far the rest of the day had been quiet and calm. i saw pyro in the "gym" (it was actully the exersize section of wal-mart) bench pressing 10's so, being the competitive person i am, i walked ove to him and started lifting 20's. after a while he noticed me and added 10, then i added 10, then he did, then i did, then finally we got to arond 140 and he couldnt go any further. "im done im to tired to do more" he said walking away. "suree. . .dude admit it you got beat by a girl!" i said with a big smile on my face. he turned around "Hey! listen Girly i dont loose to girls, anything you can do i can do better!" he said gritting his teeth, he started to walk away and i trasnported infront of him "Oh yea? well then YOU v.s ME in an epic super hero arm wresteling match!" i challanged "FINE any time any where!" he accepted.

About 5min later we were in the living room at a table surronded by everyone. i heard Kat say to Brandon and Jake "Yall this cant end well shes beatin every boy at our old school at arm wrestiling" "1-2-3-GO!" Sterling yelled and it was ON LIKE DONKEY-KONG the mentle and physical tention, he was strong but i knew i was stronger and could win. '3-2-1' i couned in my head and on one his had hit thet table and i heard a large crack sound. 'that cant be good' i thought "Nope" Kat said as she walked over to Pyro and everyone else left the room. "let me see your hand ill try and heal it" Kat continues "Fine ... this is all your fault!" Pyro yelled while Kat was trying to concentrate "MY FAULT?!?! You were the one who was being all sexist saying you couldnt loose to a girl! You are the one who accepted the arm wresteling challange" i argued at him. "if you hadnt shown up in the gym and tryed to ou-" i stoped him there "ok, listen Brad i was just tryin to -" BAM the next think i knew the room was red and orang and all kinds of yellow, and it was hot and i mean HOT. i saw Kat run out of the room just before this because she was done with his hand so i didnt have to worrie about her. Then i heard a "AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" it sounded like Pyro. I flew up in the air and hit a wall CRACK i heard and felt my knee shatter, then it went black.

i woke up to Kat healing my knee"there! all better!" i looked around the room other than Pyro laying in the middle of the room everything looked normal . . .i was confused "wasnt this place on fire a moment ago??" i said "Yes, but after Pyro exploded and you were uncontious Jess ran in here and contained Pyro's fire which left him uncontious....are you ok?" she asked "now im fine thanks to you and you ninja healing skills" i said, we laughed, then we heard a moan it came from Pyro. he woke up and emiditly looked at me and less than a milli-second later his body was engulfed in flames. he started to walk towards us then out of no wehere brandon tackeled him! Kat and i watched as Brandon and Pyro fought furiously. Pyro would toss flames and Brand would strach around, and while Pyro was flying Brandon would streach to reach him. they were throwing punches and wrestiling...Kat and i paniced we didnt know what to do, they were both our friends and if we used our powers we would hurt one or both of them, Jess finally ran in hearing the noise and looked at us "Shes thinkin her plan to me" she said, i guess to keep me informed, "No dont hurt him he was defending us just retain Pyro agian, black him out so that we can think without all this fighting" Kat replyed to Jess. Jess knoded her head and then her eyes glowed the most beautiful blue and the room when quiet, Pyro was in the air and when Jess contained his powers he began to fall. Brandon quickly streached out his hand and cought him before he hit the floor. "Are you ok Jojo?!" Brandon asked, it was sweet he was conccerned and that he tried to protect us. "yea im fine now, Kat healed my broken knee-cap, and now im just kinda in shock." i replied then i realized i was still laying on the floor, i began to stand when Brandon offered to help me up and gave me a big hug. "Where is Jake and Link?" Kat asked Jess looked over at her "they went to the store for some stuff, they wouldnt tell me what tho." "ok? thats weird we live in Wal-mart wat could they possibly need that we dont already have?" Kat replyed everyone shruged their sholders at her. "alrighty then what shall we do with Pyro till he calms down?" Kat asked Jess imeditly came up wiht a answer "Ill contain him and angle can calm him down for a few hours, also when link comes home maybe he can talk some since into him. . . but one things for sure him and Jojo should keep distant for a while" i nodded in agreement

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