Secrets Should Stay Secrets (A Draco Love Story)

aislinn has a secret. she;s a seer and metamorphagus and she is highly skilled at leglimency and occlumency. her parents kept it a secret for as long as they could. until she turned twelve that is. then it got out. they managed to hide it from her by homeschooling but they felt she needed socialising. what will this secret cost her? acceptance? a place she calls home? her true love even?

Chapter 1

A Wonderland Of Surprises.

by: Conpops
Name : Aislinn (Ash-Lynn) O'Riley
Description : Tall (6Ft), black hair with fringe and blonde streak, bright green eyes, slight Irish brogue, pale olive skin, slender.
Background Info : Her mother (Half-blooded Italian) ran off with her father (Full-blooded Irishman) to England when neither families wanted them to be together. Both pure-bloods but their families have a vendetta and both families want their child. they are willing to do anything for Aislinn so ash's parents had no choice but to move across the world. Ash was brought up in England but was home schooled for some years. She has missed four years at Hogwarts and will be starting this year going into fifth year as her parents can no longer keep her schooling up to bare minimum. She knows all about Hogwart's and what happens there (at least what her father would tell her anyways).

"Ash! Honey? Time to get up. You don't want to be late for your first day at Hogwarts." her mother called up the stairs. Aislinn rolled over and groaned as she saw the time, burying her face into her pillow.
"Coming!" she called, her voice muffled. She slowly got up and dressed in skinnies, an Invader Zim tee, a matching hoody and ballet flats. Nodding at her reflection she put on eyeliner and made her way downstairs to the kitchen.
"Well sweetie, you excited to be going to Hogwarts?" he mother asked setting a plate of bacon and eggs on toast in front of her.
"I'll be the only fifth year that needs to be sorted" Aislinn says dejectedly.
"Don't worry about it. You'll make heap of friends fast and before you know it you'll be home for Christmas." her mother says patting her softly on the shoulder and going to the sink to wash up. "Now hurry up and eat. We have to leave soon."
Aislinn ate her food as quick as she could and went upstairs to grab her trunk and other things necessary for school. She struggled to pull her things down the stairs and was soon calling out for help.
"Dad! Can you please come help!" a little bit of desperation crept into Aislinn's voice and her father soon showed up to help her with her bags. The trip to the station was as smooth as could be and soon the small family was standing next to the Hogwart's Express saying their heartfelt goodbye's.
"I'll miss you daddy." Aislinn says hugging her father.
"I'll miss you to darling. Have fun at school you hear?" she is comforted by his familiar soft brogue and tightens her grip for a second.
"And I'll miss you as well mother" she continues releasing her father and hugging her mother. Aislinn could tell her mother was about to cry and knew she wouldn't be able to speak. She drew back.
"It's okay mum I understand" she says quietly. Her mother nods with tears in her eyes and Aislinn quickly boards the carriage.
"Goodbye!" she calls out and sees her parents wave before being lost in the smog. 'well this is going to be interesting' she thinks to herself as she starts to look for an apartment. The first four she tries are all full. The next one has three boys and one girl in it.
"Hello. May I sit here?" she asks tentatively. The two boys that can only be described as hulking giants look at each other then to the other boy there, as if for an answer. Aislinn follows their look and is struck by the boys features. Pale skin, blonde hair and striking bone structure leave Aislinn breathless. Before the attractive boy could speak however the other girl in the compartment answers for him.
"Sorry. All full up" she says giggling with her nasally voice. 'she looks like she's been chasing parked cars' Aislinn thinks to herself spitefully. She glances to the left and catches the blonde boy glaring at the pug-faced girl.
"Okay then. Bye" Aislinn turns to go to another compartment when she feels a hand on her wrist. She turns back around to see the pale boy holding onto her wrist.
"Yes?" she asks, a confused look obvious on her face.
"Oh. Uhh... nothing. Nothing at all" he says releasing her wrist and turning back to the others. Aislinn walks out the door even more confused and soon finds herself opening another compartment door.
"Hello" she says to the two boys and one girl already seated there. "Is it alright if I sit with you?" she asks.
"Yes. Yes of course." the girl says gesturing for her to sit. "I'm Hermione Granger, this is Ron Weasley" she says pointing to the redhead next to herself "And this is Harry Potter" points to the black haired youth seated next to Aislinn.
"You're Harry potter?" Aislinn gasps.
"Yeah. I am" Harry replies looking a little bit awkward.
"Sweet" Aislinn says. "Don’t worry I’m not a fan girl or anything. I just think its cool how famous you are." Harry looked relieved and before long you were chatting and time was speeding up. Soon enough you arrived at Hogsmeade station. You must of looked confused because Hermione took the lead and explained as you all walked to what seemed to be horseless carriages.
"All of our stuff gets sent up to the dorms while we have the feast. Now since you’re coming at the start of the fifth year they are most definitely going to have you sorted first. You know the four houses right?" she continued on at Aislinn’s nod "Well us three are all in Gryffindor. It's one of the better houses. Ravenclaw isn't so bad either but hope you don’t get put into Slytherin. You’re too nice for Slytherin… " she trails off and then shakes her head, as if to get rid of bad thoughts. They continue the rest of the ride in silence and soon you’re walking in through the front gates and up into the hall for dinner. Before Aislinn has time to take in the sight of the huge hall a teacher grabs her arm and gently pulls her to the side.
"Miss O'Riley?" she says
"Yes?" Aislinn replies.
"I'm Professor McGonagall. I'm sure you’re aware that you need to be sorted? Yes? Well you’re up first." In the time it took for professor McGonagall to talk to Aislinn the rest of the school had filed in and sat down at their respective house table. Aislinn could see the awkward first years standing by the door and Professor McGonagall led her over to them and then continued down the centre of the hall. At the front there was a wide table facing the students where the teachers sat but before them was a single stool with a rather dirty and patched hat seated on top of it. 'Is that the sorting hat I wonder' Aislinn thought to herself. 'Must be' she thought nodding.
"O'Riley, Aislinn?" Professor McGonagall called. Aislinn walked up to the stool and sat down. The Professor placed the hat softly on Aislinn's head and suddenly she could hear a voice in her ear.
"Ahh, plenty of bravery I see, but cunning as well. Noble at heart, pure blood, clever, bold. Hmmm… where to put you? Ravenclaw is not for you nor is Hufflepuff. It seems to be a toss up. Well clever and cunning, brave and bold, pure blood and pride. Seems the place for you is..."

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