Love Lost In A Forbidden Valley (A Draco Malfoy Story) part 5

so to start off, i am changing the way my story is set up, it still the same story an stuff its just going to be in a different form. more of a story form

Chapter 1

Visit From The Golden Trio

by: kinewnew
Okay, so the messages and comments i get about this story are all the same:
'where's Draco?' 'The story would be so much better if Draco was in it!' It’s not that I don’t disagree with you about that. Because it is true, this story would be better if Draco is in it. but i need you guys not to worry, Draco will be in it, just NOT right now, please do me a favor and read the title of this story again, it clearly says "Love Lost In A Forbidden Forest (A DRACO MALFOY STORY) <--
You can’t have a Draco Malfoy story without Draco.... It's like having the peanut without the butter or no turkey on thanksgiving. They always have to go together
I really hope you understand that this story is just starting so you have to patient.

We were sitting down for breakfast and Scorpius’s eyes kept glancing towards my neck. I looked down and noticed that the necklace was still on. Uhh oh….. not good. “Something on your mind?” I asked him.

He looked back at my neck, “That’s a pretty necklace mommy,” he told me suddenly.

I reached up and took it off; his next question shocked me into almost dropping it.

“Daddy, bought it for you?” he asked.

I took in a deep breath, I knew this moment would come I just never knew how to prepare myself for it. “Your father, did give this necklace to me, he gave it to me before you were born. I just forgot to return to him,” I told him, in a voice as strong as I could muster.

“Mommy, I wanna see him, he said.

I sighed, why couldn’t he be like a normal five year old and talk about racing brooms and stuff. “Daddy is at his own home, he just has a troubled life right now, but you will see him,” I told him, not knowing how much truth was in my statement.

“I love you mommy,”

“I love you too sweetie,”

He smiled and gave me a hug. I stifled a sigh, I didn’t want to lie to him… or maybe it wasn’t a lie, maybe when the war was over he could possibly visit him.

There was a flash of purple light, I looked down and my necklace was glowing brighter than I have ever seen before. My mind was rushing with a mixture of thoughts. I didn’t know whether I should feel wierded out for the fact that I am on his mind right now. Or if I should feel happy that over all these years he still thinks about me. I small smile crept on my face as I went upstairs to put the necklace away.

I was downstairs in the kitchen with Mrs. Weasley and Scorpius, Mr. Weasley was at Bill and Fleur’s.

“So he asked you about his father?” Mrs. Weasley asked me, I nodded solemnly.

I had just gone over the whole story about what happened earlier that morning. “He told me he wanted to see him,”

“Oh dear,” she pulled me into arms for a huge hug. I love her. When she pulled away a huge grin was spread across her face.

“Mrs. Weasley are you okay?” I asked, a bit confused. But her smile just got wider. I opened my mouth to say something to her.



I turned around looking directly at black-haired green eyed boy smiling lopsided at me, with a ginger on his side, smiling just a big. I gave a loud excited shriek and wrapped my arms around my two best friends Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.

“Adriana, you can let go of us now.” Said Ron, my arms where still wrapped tightly around him.

“I’ve missed you guys so much,” I said as I pulled away. I gave them a good look over; Ron had developed a very sexy stubble. And Harry looked the same only more mature.

Harry turned and looked at Scorpius, “Adriana, he’s gotten so big, it’s a pity—”
“Definitely,” I told him with a glare.

Scorpius just looked at us like we all were crazy.”Mommy, who are these men?” he asked.

I looked from Harry and Ron to Scorpius, I smile developing on my face “This is Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron,”

Scorpius looked at them with an amused expression, “Why do I have so many uncles and aunties?”

“Because your mom has so many brothers and sisters that love her so much,” a voice said from the door. I turned around and Hermione was walking in.

Scorpius couldn’t look happier, “Aunty Hermione,” he exclaimed running over there to give her a hug.

Ron looked at Scorpius with a playful annoyed face, “So you give her a hug, but not us?” Scorpius looked back at him reluctantly, and he went over to give Ron a hug. Ron’s whole face lit up, and he looked as if he were going to cry. When he let Ron go he hesitantly walked up to Harry, and slowly wrapped his arms around his legs. Harry’s emotions skyrocketed just as Ron’s had. Scorpius yawned when he released Harry.

I pulled him up into my arms, “Is is somebody’s bed time?”

he shook his head furiously.

I began to tickle him, “Oh, I think it is,” I said as he howled with laughter, and pretty soon the whole room was laughing. It wasn’t because there was something funny. Oh no, it was because Scorpius’s laugh was so adorably cute, and as I might have said before it gives people a sense of hope. I walked up the stairs smiling, cradling a laughing Scorpius. As I laid him down on his bed, the sides of his face turned down,

“Mommy, I don’t want to sleep,” he told me.

I sighed, “I know Scorp, Goodnight,” and I kissed him on his forehead.

“Goodnight,” he whispered back and he was out as soon as his eyes were closed.

I shook my head and walked back downstairs. Only to be greeted by the sight of Mr. Weasley sitting on the table, tired looking. I looked around at everybody else, and they all stared at me with sorrow filled faces. “What I miss?” I asked them, confused.

“Um… Adriana, I think you might want to sit down,” Mr. Weasley told me.
I sighed and took a seat, afraid of what they were going to tell me.

“Bill he still has a subscription to the daily prophet, for the order’s purposes, and it seems that someone discovered some very shocking news. It seems that someone has found out about Scorpius’s specialness. And that person told You-know-who, all of the information. Now there is a supreme search for you and Scorpius, and he will not stop and till he has you both. He wants you as much as he wants Harry, but he thinks of Scorpius as a threat. And if he ever caught you guys, which I am not saying he will, he will try to form Scorpius into his own little secret weapon. Adriana, who besides the people in this room, knows about Scorpius?”

“Blaise,” I told them in an inaudible whisper.


“Blaise Zabini,”

“How, When, Where, don’t you know he’s a snatcher,”

“It happened when I took Scorpius to Diagon Alley yesterday, Blaise came up to me while we were eating ice cream. I didn’t know he was a snatcher, and why wouldn’t he just take me to Vol—”

“Don’t say the name,” Said Ron.

It was Harry who spoke this time, “He wouldn’t take you to You-know-who unless he was certain that Scorpius was Draco Malfoy’s son. If he took you to him and there was a possible chance that Scorpius wasn’t his, and if anyone saw Scorpius they couldn’t doubt that he is Malfoy’s son, then Voldemort would have killed you both.”

I didn’t say anything still taking everything in. maybe that is why I felt like I was being interviewed, how could I ever have thought to trust Blaise again. God, can’t you just find one trustworthy Slytherin. I finally found my voice, but it

came out in a raspy whisper, “What are we to do now?”

“You have to stay in here, and I mean you cannot leave this house for anything. If you need something Molly, I, Fred or George will get it for you,” Mr. Weasley told me sternly.

“But that won’t do, I told Zabini a lot of things about me, and one happened to be that I was living here,” I confessed.

Mr. Weasley looked furious, but his words came out calm. It was as if he knew something like this had happened. “Then we are to move you to Bill and Fleur’s Shell Cottage. We will move you tomorrow at Dawn, understood?’


“Good, I will call Alastor, Kingsley, and Lupin; they will be helping get you there safely as well,”

I nodded; tears were starting to form in my eyes. What if all this failed? What if Voldemort got us and he tortures Scorpius. Harry walked up to me, and wrapped his arms around me in a tight protective hug, that’s when I lost all control, and I started sobbing in his chest. If anyone had any clue what I was going through it had to be Harry.


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