the lovely life of hell

... my first. Probably not gonna be amazing but ill try.

Chapter 1

the stranger...

"Haha! You are so wierd Alexx!" My best friend Landon laughed.
"Not really." I replied quickly and looked down at my arm. If you want to put lables onme, i guess you could say im emo. I pushed my bangs out of my eyes and continued to look down.
What was i thinking. I have been in such a bad mood after my boyfriend died. It was actually last week. He was the love of my life. We were walking home from the park, hand in hand. I wasnt paying attension when i walked in the crosswalk when a car was carelessly speeding. Nick jumped in front to save me. Then he died instintly. I will never forget that day.
"Hey, Alexx! Earth to Alexx!!!!" Landon said.
"Im here! Sorry i was spacing." I replied.
"Well lets go! The sun is going down and how am i going to explain to my mom. What time is it?" He said.
"Ugh landon you are such a worry wort. Haha. " i pulled out my slide phone and glanced at the clock. " its 7:00."
"dammit! My mom is going to flip."
"Dont get all ticked off! Jeez landon. Were fvcking 15 years old. We are not babies!"
I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the street.
I looked both ways (something i never did untill Nick died). I managed to catch my eye on a kid who was leaning up against a brick wall. He looked sad. His black hair hugged his face and he was wearing black skinnys and a red shirt. In my opinion he looked pretty hot. Except i wasnt looking for anymore relationships. I had promised myself never to fall in love.
"C'mon landon. We have to go now." I frowned. I mean i really wanted to talk to the kid and see what was up.
"Whats up? " landon said.
"Ugh. Nothing. Hey why dont you go home. Ill call my mom and tell her i went to a friends house for a sleepover. Ill sneak back in my house after." I replied as i walked away.
"Kay." Landon said as he ran away.
I walked closer to the kid. Wait no, he was my age. I think. He did look hot too.
"Hi, um i saw yu from over there." I pointed. "You seem sad. Whats wrong?"
"Get out of here and leave me alone." He snapped.
"I have free rights here Mr. Snooty Booty." I rolled my eyes.
"You dont want to be around me. Im just protecting you." He said

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