Life is Full of Surprises( Harry Potter love story) Part 27

Okay here's part 27 as promised. I hope you like it. Please comment and tell me what you think.

Chapter 1

Crap... I'm going to get expelled for this

Ginny followed you up to your dorm, but you ignored her too. You laid down in bed facing the wall. " _ what happened? Seamus came back around 10:45 and said he was surprised you weren't back yet..." she said sitting at the foot of your bed. " I don't want to talk about it." you said shortly. " _ I'm your best friend you can tell me anything." she said touching your shoulder. You would trust Ginny with your life and you loved her, she was the greatest friend you could ever ask for, but it was too hard to talk about right now. You were upset and Harry freaking out at you didn't help. Maybe Seamus was right and Harry would have flipped out if he found out the two of you were together. Maybe you didn't know Harry as well as you thought you did..... " I don't want to talk about it right now Ginny. We can talk in the morning but right now I just want to go to sleep." You said pulling the covers over your body and placing your gently on the pillow. " Yeah sure we can talk in the morning." she finished going over to her bed.

The next morning you were woken by Ginny. " Hey get up, its after noon." " What?! Why didn't you get me up earlier?" you asked rubbing the sleep from your eyes. " You needed the sleep. Come on I don't want to miss lunch." Ginny said pulling you out of bed. You quickly got ready. It was a beautiful day and the end of the school year was coming. You walked down to the Great Hall with Ginny and sat across from her at the table. You two were some of the first people there so the table was pretty empty. " So will you tell me what happened now?" Ginny asked. You were about to say something when Harry, Ron, and Hermione all walked in. " Lets go to the lake after lunch and I'll tell you." you said. Harry sat next to you and Ron and Hermione took their usual stops. " How'd you sleep?" Harry asked. You food put food on your plate ignoring him. Okay maybe the silent treatment was a little immature, you were still mad at him from last night. "Come on _ I'm sorry. I was just worried about you." " You had no right to yell at me like you did last night." you said facing him. " I understand you were worried but act like my brother not my mom." you finished starting to eat your food. " Okay I'm sorry, it won't happen again. Are we okay?" he asked. " Yeah fine I guess." you said still a little mad at him.

You finished lunch and then went to the lake with Ginny. You sat down under a tree and started to explain the day before. At first you weren't sure if you wanted to tell her the part about Draco but then decided to tell her everything. It was surprising how long it took you to tell her everything that happened but then again Ginny interrupted you every 20 seconds with a question. " We should probably get back to the common room." Ginny said after I had finished. " Yeah you're right." You agreed. As you were standing up you heard Harry Ron and Hermione, but didn't see them anywhere." Umm I'll meet you there" you said to Ginny as she walked backed into the castle and you went to where you heard Harry. " Harry is that you?" you asked approaching them. You reached your hand out and grabbed at the air and pulled the invisibility cloak off of them. They all looked extremely upset. "What's going on?" you asked confused. " They did it... buckbeak he's..." Hermione trailed off not able to continue. " What? No they couldn't have he still had the appeal it couldn't have happened that quickly.... could it?" you asked not wanting to believe it. When no one answered you, it all sunk in and tears started to fall down your face. Harry pulled you into a hug and it took all your self control to not loose it right then and there. You dried your eyes and pulled away. " I feel so bad for Hagrid he must be a mess right now." you said. " Ow! Scabbers stop moving around!" Ron exclaimed trying to hold on to Scabbers. Scabbers slipped through his fingers and started to run away. Ron sprinted after him. You looked at Harry and then Hermione and as if you could read each other's minds you all started to run after Ron.

You skidded to a halt in front of Ron who was sprawled out on the floor trying to shove Scabbers back into his pocket. " Ron come on! We need to go back to the castle, if we get caught we will be in so much trouble!" Hermione almost yell. Ron started to get up and as if right on queue a huge black dog came bounding towards all of you. Harry pulled out his wand, but before he could do anything the dog leaped on him and he fell the to ground. You were frozen in fear and just stood there staring. The dog got off Harry and went to Ron. He fastened his jaw around Ron's arm and started to dragged him away. Harry lunged forward trying to grab Ron, but was stopped when he got hit by something. It was dark so you couldn't see what it was. Then you heard Hermione scream in pain. You were starting to worry when you got hit too. You could feel the warm blood trickle down the side of your face. You heard Harry whisper " Lumos" and you could see that you had run straight to the Whomping Willow. The dog was dragging Ron through a hole in the trunk. You couldn't see anything but Ron's foot which was hooked on one of the roots. There was a sickening crack and there was no doubt that Ron's foot was broken. You shrieked and felt as if you were going to be sick. " Harry we need to go and get help" Hermione said. " No, Hermione we need to help Ron now! That dog is big enough to eat him!" Harry said frantically. " Harry we aren't going to be able to get in there with out help." you said siding with Hermione. " No, _
you are not coming with. I don't want you to get hurt please just go back to the castle, get.... Professor Lupin" Harry said seriously. You didn't want to argue with him so you agreed and started to back up. As Harry tried to find a way to get to the hole, then Crookshanks came and ran through the branches and touched a knot on the tree root. The whole tree froze. You watched in amazement as Harry and Hermione made their way towards the hole and Harry took one last took at you telling you to go.

With out realizing it you had walked closer to the tree and as it came back to life you got hit again... and again. You ran away as fast as you could to avoid getting hit anymore. You were now bleeding from the shoulder and the side and well as your face from the original cut. You started to walk back to the castle as Harry had instructed when you heard someone coming towards you. You panicked and took cover behind the nearest bush. You saw Dumbledore and the MInister of Magic with a couple other people you didn't recognize. As they walked back into the castle your heart began to slow, you were about to get up and continue back into the castle when you saw a figure walking your way. You took cover again behind your bush and waited. As the figure got closer and closer you noticed it was Professor Lupin. You wanted to get up form your hiding place and go talk to him but your gut instinct told you to stay put. So you sat and watched Professor Lupin make his way towards the Whomping Willow, he froze the tree and went in through the hole. You stayed for a couple of minutes waiting for to make sure the coast was clear. Then you saw a second figure make its way towards the tree. You couldn't get a good look at them so you decided to move closer to see who it was. As you edged closer to the tree hiding behind anything you possible could, you saw it was Snape. He, like Lupin, froze the tree and started to make his way towards the hole. You had a really strange feeling about all of this and decided to follow him, even though Harry told you to go back to the castle. You slid in the hole and started to quietly make your way to where the tunnel led. You made sure to be extremely quiet so no one would here you. As you walked through the dark tunnel, you wanted to take out your wand to help guide the way but you were too scared it might give you away. As you reached the end of the tunnel and pull yourself out of the whole, you found yourself in a house.

It was old and worn down and you had a strange feeling about this place. You head voices coming from up stairs so you slowly made your way up the stairs. You made it up the stairs without, surprisingly making any noise. You walked down the hall to find a room with the door open, where all the noise was coming from. Your heart was pounding as you got closer. Snape was standing in the doorway with one arm extended, pointing his wand at someone and the other throwing something in the other direction say " I found this by the tree, it was very useful, thanks Potter." You head was spinning and you felt light headed. You were brought back to what was going on when you heard yelling. You moved closer to the door and you saw Snape with his wand pointed at Harry. You walked into the doorway and before you realized what you were doing you raised your wand pointing at Snape and half yelled " Stupefy" He hit the wall and you could see a little blood... he was out cold. Your jaw dropped as you realized what you just did and all eyes were on you. " _ ! You just attacked a teacher! You could be expelled for that!" Hermione nearly screamed. You stood there frozen in shock. " Crap" you thought " I'm going to get expelled " Harry grabbed you and sat you down next to Ron. " I told you to go back to the castle. Look at you your bleeding all over. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen to you." Harry said protectively. You stared at the floor blankly still in shock. There was a lot of yelling and arguing, but you couldn't pay attention to what was going on. All you could think about is how terrible it would be to have to leave and never come back...

You were drawn out of your thoughts as a man you hadn't noticed was in the room was at your feet groveling. " You know _
I was there when your dad found out about you. I was..." " Don't you dare talk to her!" said Black. For the first time you noticed he was here too and you gasped. Next think you know you heard Harry say something about sending Pettigrew, who you were guess was the man who was at your feet, to Azkaban and then Lupin was tying him up. Lupin went over to Ron and bandaged him up. Then went over to Snape " He's going to be okay you just got a little... overenthusiastic" You blushed a little. Lupin mutter " Mobilicorpus" and Snapes body was floating a couple feet above the ground. You left the house with everyone else happy to get out of there. " __ your bleeding a lot from the side. When did that happen?" asked Hermione. "Uh. After you guys left, the tree attacked again." you said looking down. " You feeling okay? You don't look so great." Harry said making you look at him. " Yeah fine I'm just a little light headed." As you got out of the tunnel you needed to sit down really quick. Harry left you with Hermione and went to go talk to Sirius. " You need to tell me everything later." you said to Hermione. You got back up and started walking back to the castle. When everyone suddenly stopped. Black put his to make you, Harry, and Hermione stop. You saw Lupin go rigid and he began to shake. " Oh my-" Hermione said " He didn't take his poison... He's not safe!" What happened next happened so fast you weren't even sure it happened. Black turned back into a dog and started to fight Lupin who was a werewolf now and Pettigrew had turned back into a rat and got away. Suddenly Lupin went running in the other direction leaving Sirius bleeding and he was walking away. Harry went to go check on Ron and you followed. " We need to get him back to them back to the castle" Harry said, but then he heard a whimpering and started running in its direction with you and Hermione running behind him. As you got closer to Sirius you could feel it getting colder and you felt all happiness leave you. Then next thing you know, you see at least 100 dementors coming your way. " Think of something happy and say ' expecto patronum'" Harry instructed you. You tried thinking of the happiest moment you could have you shouted " EXPECTO PATRONUM" but it wasn't working you could feel them sucking all the happiness out of you. You can at you at once and then you fell to the ground and everything went black.


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