You will never get Me.(a harry potter love story) part 2

Name: Alysa Marie Genifre
Age: (starts at 11)
Birthday: July 17th
Medium length Brown hair green eyes. 4'5

me andi love harry potter story

Chapter 1

Boat ride it chapter 2

you look at Harry befor you had to get off the train go into Hogwarts U:Sorry Harry for that. H: It is ok. you and Harry got into a boat you look at Ron to see was he getting in the same boat with you he was you had a sad look H:Are you ok. U:I'm good just alittle tried. You smile and he smile backyou look away and blush for a long time Ron got a little mad at Harry he did had a crush on you but you don't know yet you get off the boat you had hlep with Harry out you walk into Hogwarts you look around but someone bump into you and......

now it is your turn


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