Paranormal High

Lilia stroked her neck gingerly, clearly frightened. Harlan looked at her, hatred & evil danced in his violet eyes. I shivered as he turned them to look at me. I felt paralysed by them. If I had known this would happen, I would never had come! But I had, & now I'm tied to a chair in a room with a frightened girl vamp, a morph-hating Vampire & a half dog, quarter wolf/human (my friend).

~Will Stephen escape? Or is he really stuffed? Lets hope not for the last one!!

Chapter 1

Scary School & One, Scary Friend!!

by: Cozy_Glow
Here I am at a dumb school for special kids. I know you've probably heard that heaps of times, but its true. I'm a morph. When I was little, I'd freak my mum out by turnin' into a spider. She nearly crushed me twice.

"First day together, eh?" Koinu said, excitedy, his tail wagging.
"Sure is" I sighed, unamused.

Koinu was a half-dog, quarter wolf/human. His mother was japanese & his father was american. Accutaully, his name is japanese for puppy! He's quite wierd, but a friend! And a damn loyal one too!!
We walked past the large, scary gates & walked around, examining & looking. We found a place, quite quickly, near the stairs. I looked around, wondering what other people had. Koinu hugged me, tail going bull-at-a-gate & leg raised in joy. I seriously think that he's gay, sometimes.

"Get off, Ko" I said, pushing him off. "Your givin' me bad thoughts"
"Like what?" he grinned, cheekily. "Gay, maybe?!"

Before I could speak, a siren sounded & some girls rushed by. I looked at my timetable & we headed off for Room 13B. It wasn't far & we got there rather quickly. A girl sat a seat away from me, answering to the name of Lilia. She was quite gorgeous.
Long ginger hair, tied into a high, but loose, ponytail, pale skin, beautiful eyes like rubies. Wait...Rubies! A vampire!

"Ahem" I coughed, clearing my voice. "Hey"
She looked up, slowly. "Pardon?"
"Oh, sorry" she smiled, showing her pearly fangs. "I didn't hear you properly. Hey, I'm Lilia"
"I'm Stephen" I smiled back & pointed at Koinu. "Thats Koinu!"

Koinu waved & she waved back, smiling kindly. Ko smiled & put his head on the table. She gently patted him & he sighed, falling asleep at her touch. She definetly had a way with animals.

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