Can't Fight This Feeling-Glee Love Story-Finn-Puck-Chapter One

Can't Fight This Feeling-Glee Love Story-Finn-Puck-Chapter One

This is my first 'Glee' story so I hope you like it:).Picture of her is below

Chapter 1

Coming Home In September

Esperanza Bridget Berry-Yes,relation to Rachel Berry.
Looks:Brown hair and blue eyes.More on the tan side and a little on the short size.
Nicknames:Lil stuff(Given to her by yours truely-Noah Puckerman),Ann,Zur(She says this instead of Dur)Berrys('Cause her eyes are really blue,and I guess when Rach and Es were littler Rachel came up with the name?)and Ez.

Is new to Willam McKenley High because-She was at this stupid boarding school 'cause she was really good at singing and dancing so yea.Rachel was NOT happy about that.

Most likely to crush on:...Muahaha,not tellin'!!

Most likely to get crushed on.

She thinks that shes HORRIBLE at singing and dancing,even though shes a wee bit better than Rachel(By wee,I mean HUMUNGOUSLY better;P)

Shes a lot on the shy side,when shes nervious she stutters(Like Tina!!)And her eyes get darker when she gets angry-and it takes alot to make her angry.

She has really low self-confidence.

She loves her family(Dad..Dad...Rachel)with all of her heart.
Friends right now:Kurt Hummel,Artie Abrams,Tina Cohen-Chang, Mercedes Jones.
Was like best friends with Finn Hudson,but when they got into middle school they drifted apart.
She knew them already because yea well,its a small world after all.


Getting on that stupid plane was like hell.Crappy food,crappy seats,perverted people that won't stop looking at me when I humm a little to my iPod.I peered out of the window and sighed.I would be home soon:).

!(Didn't want to type the plane ride..Blah,blah,blah?)

"So,Esperanza,how was the Academy of the Fine Arts?"My dad asked.I replied from the backseat."It was fine,missed you guys way to much!"I leaned up nd hugged both of my dads and kissed their cheecks.

Dad replied at the same time as my other one did."We missed you too sweetie,"One dad stopped and the other kept going,"Oh and by the way,we made your favorite for dinner!Steak,corn,mashed potatoes andfor dessert,"
"Red Devil Food Cake!"They said enthusiastialy.
"Sounds great!"I said with a fake smile.Getting bcak here and putting on all that weight would be a shame.
"So,Belly still in school?"I leaned back again and looked out of the window.Trees zoomed by in a green blur.
"Shes in her newest club-"
"What club is she not in?"I muttered sarcastialy,hoping that they wouldn't notice my turn in mood.
"Hey,what your sister's doing is a good thing,"Dad said.My other father chimmed in and said"No sweetie,shes in Glee Club."I stiffled a laugh.
"I though Glee Club was theatre it self?"They both shook their heads with a smile."You know how things are these days.With all of those people in those magazines and new clubs,its a weird world out there."

(A:N-I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE!!!Dad and dad is confusin'!!Ok,B.D. is her black dad and W.D. is her white one.No racisum intended:P)

"So,can we stop bye?"I asked.B.D. looked back at me."She-she doesn't even know that your even coming back."My mouth opened.An unscheduled appointment in Rachel's world was not good.She hated surprieses that weren't for her.Well,would I be a Rachel Surprise?Would it benefit her?
"Well,I don't want to cause a scare..."I replied looking out of the window again.
I didn't even know that I zoned out for an hour.We made it to McKenley High and I said good bye to my fathers and said I would walk back with Belly(A/N:She calls her Belly because she has a voice of bells-or annoying ones Esperanza says to annoy Rachel)

Wow,this High School was begger than I remember from Middle School.There was this huge trophey case near the front,most of it Cheerleading trophies.I continued to walk down the silent coridoors of this lonely highschool.'Go Titans!' posters were just about everywhere.And if I remember correctly,the Titans weren't doing so good this year?

I laughed silently and continued down the lond hallways.It seemed very-well how should I put this?...Very..Very weird.I once remember this annoying guy slushied me because of my relation with Rachel.I was in middle school on a buddy system and well what do ya' know-walking down the hallways in my best school clothes and then a tan hand came and red gooy goodness washed over me.
Not the best memory of this town :(
Still walking and still wondering where the heck they were practicing,I heard them.

Well from this first impression-they rocked!!!I continued down and came upon the door.Such a red door I might add.Like red cheeries what Rachel and I used to pick at dance camp.(A/N:Yep,shes very expressive:))
I peered into the small glass with much effort,I was tiny for my age(But not like dwarf tiny-but I got nothin' agasint dwarfs!)
Saw not many people,but they made a beautiful sound.No wait-only two people up singing.
And well what do ya' know?My little Belly was singing with a school hottie!I kept looking around and I saw Kurt!And then Mercedes!And then Artie and Tina!!Well,then I saw some cheerleaders?I did a mental shrug and continued to stand on my tippy-toes,watching the magic happen.

Thats when I got caught.
"ANN!!!!"Mercedes jumped out of her chair and practiacly busted through the doorway.I landed on the floor with a thd,but then helped up by Mer.
"Omg what are you doing here!?"Before I could answer Mer hugged me."Mer...Ca..Bref..."She laughed and let go,allowing me to breath again.
"Talk sista,I want the dets."Mer pointed her brown finger at me.I heard a wizz behind her and got tackled down again.

"Ez!"The voice that I knew as Kurt said."Hello you Y'all too."Kurt let go and then both him and Mercedes flooded me with questions.It was only about three seconds before everyone from that club was out in the hallway with me.
"Wait,wait,wait!"I said.Apparently they listened because Rachel made her way to the front.Just as she was about to nag-or yell,or welcome me home?-I pounced on her.
"I missed you Belly!"She hugged back softly."I missed you too,Esperanza."I let go.I looked at her and she had a smile on her face."Welcome back!"
We started talking-me and Rach-all at once,complementing each other one way or another,then we heard a cough behind us.

"Well Rachel,who is this?"Said the older looking guy."Mr.Shuester,this is my sister,Ezperanza,"She turned to me"Ez,you just have to join Glee club!You can sing and dance!"I opened my mouth to protest,but Mr. Shuester did it for me.
"Now Rachel,nobody is pressured into Glee club.If she wants to she can try out for it,"Rachel pouted a little bit.
"Oh come on Belly,I just got here."I whispered.
"Yea Rachel,and Ez we want you to meet everybody!"
Tina chimed in.I smiled and then something weird happened.
Everything went by in blurs.
Green blurs.

"Sweetie,get up."B.D. said.I propped my head up and wiped the forming crust from my eyes."Are we home?"I asked.He nodded and helped me out of the car.
"Hey daddy,daddy."I heard Rachel say from the living room.As me being in her room,I knew she was hurrying.I twisted around in her chair(One that would hide me)and waited.I then heard the door close and an exasperated sigh come from her.Just from the sigh I could tell she was frowning.
"Your face will stay like that,so stop frowning."I whirrled around.
Rachel's mouth flew open.Then I was tackled down.

"Ez I missed you!We have lots to talk about,"She stopped.I guess she realized something?"What are you doing here?!Why aren't you in New York?Did you get kicked out?Did you run away?Did y-"
"Belly!You haven't given me a chance to talk."She nodded and said."I'm sorry for my immature behavoir.I let you have the floor."She sat down on her queen sized bed.I sat back down in the chair that i hid in and started.

"Well first off,I got into some "trouble" back in New York.Secondly I couldn't take the tension there.So many damn plastic girls walking around,it made me sick."I said the last part with discugst.She smiled."Well,its show biz,its bound to happen.And what kind of trouble Esperanza?"She then started staring at me worriedly.
"You're not preg-"
"Oh heavens no!I just kinda...Pimp slapped a girl who...Made fun of our dads."I looked up at her."I understand.You weren't being very canny but I understand."Thats when I saw her frown rise again.I sat up and jumped onto the bed next to her."Tell Berrys whats wrong."I laid down on my stomach.She started crying a bit but said,"It's Finn.I really,really like him and Quinn,his girlfriend,doesn't deserve him!"I patted her back and gently comferted her.She kept on going and going about Finn,a name that sounded really familure.

"Rach,maybe you should wait.I mean,you say you think he might like you,but Quinn is his girlfriend.Maybe you should take it slow.And also,at time you can be intemidating."She nodded and started wiping her eyes.

"Thanks,"She said."Hey,its what sisters are for.Now,can I see your computer?"She nodded and slid silently across her room and to her desk.
"Don't downloading anything,ok?"I nodded and then started up the computer.
"You know,since you did get into fights,I think that our dads would make you go to school tomorrow."Rachel said knowlingly.I grunted a bit."Its what I deserve,"I muttered under my breath.

I got onto the internet and then surfed for Facebook.I logged in and I scimmed around the page.
I saw that a few people commented on something.I clicked and went onto the page.

Kurt Hummel: We miss you,hurry up and come:)
Tina Cohen-Chang, Artie Abrams, Mercedes Jones, and 2 others like this comment.
Mercedes Jones: Yea girl,get down here!
23 people like this.
Rachel Berry: Yea,don't forget to call me.
Esperanza Zur Berry: Mkay Belly.Kurt-Mer text me,got some gossip for you.
Rachel Berry likes this comment
Mercedes Jones: 'Bout time.I was starting to think you were living in a bubble.
Kurt Hummel:I second that notion.
I saw what Mer and Kurt wrote and started to reply.

Esperanza Zur Berry: Sorry guys,hanging out with my SISTER!!!
I posted and logged off.I turned the computer off and looked around the room.Wow,Rachel moves quick!
I tip-toed downstairs and then I heard a very muffled dialog.
"Why didn't you tell me...."
"We di...Shes going tomorrow.....Ap but"I sighed and continued to walk further downstairs,letting them be aware of my presence.
"Père et le père, et Rachel juste pour vous dire que je ne veux pas assister à l'école demain."(A/N: Yep.Fluent in lots of languages!!!Even though I'm not-just go to google translate please:))I said.B.D. shook his head."No,you're atteneding school tomorrow.You chose this when you desided to start fighting."I pouted a bit,but said something else.

"You're right.Even though I was sticking up for you guys,I deserve it.I'll go."I sat down next to the window and waited for a reply."Well,not that we've got that settled,lets go get something to eat."Dad said.I took in a big gulp.
The steak was grilled to perfection.
The rolls were buttered perfectly.
The mashed potatoes we're just how I like it,chunky and seasoned.
Oh and that desert,I could have died for it.
I just about swallowed evrythin in one huge gulp.My stomach groaned agasinst it,but I had to.
"Ez,you ok?"Rachel asked worriedly.I nodded."Just really hungry,the food on the plane wasn't very eatable"I slouched down in my chair."Well if you aren't to full,we have more-"

"No,dad its fine.I think I'm just gonna hit the shower and then rest up for school tomorrow."I escused myself from the table and kissed both of my father's cheecks and then hugged Rachel and went upstairs.

I walked up the stairs slowly,trying to hear anyother things they said about me.
But all I could hear was about Rachel and glee.I sighed and walked up faster,then ran into the bathroom and locked it.I turned the shower and and ran my fingers under it to fell the temp.
Wait,before I go on,can you guys keep a secret?

Oh well,you're already reading,so I guess it's out.I took a small green rag from off of the counter and started drying my hands.My stomach lurched around a bit,maybe from eating all that food in one setting.Probably so.I trew the green reg into the clothes hamper and slumed down on the wall.I felt really sick.I hugged myself,trying to calm down my stomach,it wasn't really helping.I sat up a bit,kneeling;making my way across the bathroom to the toilet.Two fingers down the throat later my stomach felt right again.
I climed out of the shower soaking wet.I grabbed a light blue towel and wrapped it around me,the other one I wrapped around my head.I walked out of the steamy bathroom and made my way down the hallway and into my old room.So many precious memories came just from the smell of this room.
The room was a bright blue(Did I mention my favorite color was blue?)and the comforter was green and yellow.I continued to dry my head as I walked to my wardrobe;pulling out girl boxers and a grey tanktop.I trew the towels into my hamper and then slid onto my very comfterable bed.For a few minutes I staired at the ceiling,until I heard a buzzing from my labtop.

I sighed again and got off the bed and to my desk.
I moved the mouse around until the picture of all my besties covered the wallpaper.Then after a few seconds of waiting Facebook popped up.
I scrolled around looking for the sorce of the beeping.
Then I found it.

Kurt Hummel and Mercedes Jones are going to sneak over to Esperanza Zur Berry's house.
And of couse that post was by Kurt.I laughed for a sec then turned off my labtop.Those two crazy kids.Memories just started filling my head.
I was about twelve years old,a warm summers night.Rachel and I were eating low carb fudge pops,requested by Rachel.
"These taste weird,Rach."I moaned,but continued to eat anyways.
"It's low carb.In show biz being thin and attractive is everything.If we're going to be in show business we have to prepare for it."She replied,sucking on her fudge pop."Wow Belly,you think about this way to much.You are too talented to not get accepeted into show biz."I said,watching the chocolate starting to melt.I felt her shift positions.

"Don't tell me you really think you're not good."I said.She shook her head."Of course not,we both know that I have prepared for this my entire life.Now eat your poopsicle before it melts."I sighed and sat up."Yes mother,"I got off of my bed and threw the pop stick into the wastebasket.I licked the goodness from my fingers and opened the balcony door and walked outside.

The night was a little chillyer then I made it out to be.I hugged myself and looked up at the stars.
I heard soft pitter-patter of Rache's feet.
"You remember when we we're little and we thought that the stars we're a-"
"Actually starts."I finished.I turned around at her and leaned back against the white railing.I looked up at Rachel,she was wearing a frown on her face.
"I'm really sorry,Belly.It should'a been you.You are way more talented than me,you should have been accepeted."I walked closer to her.

"No,it's fine.Regection is in show biz,if I'm gonna be on Broadway I have to learn to deal with it."She smiled.Then what surprised me most was what she said next.
"You're really talented Berrys,remember that,"She walked over to the railing and leaned back.She looked down at the ground and continued"Sometimes I think even better than me."I started to shake my head.

"You're just tired Rachel,get some sleep.We have to go to the airport in three days too,so I need alone time to pack."She nodded.
"Don't forget your socks,"Rachel added.We walked closer,hugged and then Rachel went off to her room.I stayed back a bit,continuing to look up at the stars.

"One day Mom,I'm gonna make you proud."I clutched onto the only thing I had of her,a music necklace.I blew a kiss to heaven and walked back into my room.
The bligh blue room looked even darker now that I only had one light on.The pink music notes thatI painted on the wall kinda faded into the darkness.I sat there,just on the floor,looking around.

Me and Rachel's pictures from the mall were on the wall.Me and Mercedes and Kurt had painted our signatures on the wall in neon colors.Memories filled this place up and swallowed them whole.Even the horrifing ones.
Sadly,I had to leave this not-so-perfect haven.And it wasn't my choice either,it was my dad's.Me and Rachel both auditioned for the slot in school,they could only take one.

They said Rachel had talent,one that comes to you naturaly,one that sounds like she went through hundreds of classes,her dancing was a little off.
They said to me,I had a natural talent,one they could shape up and call their own after time.My dancing,as for that I even like.Hip-hop,ballet and just about every dance class you could attend.And I had it.

I glanced over at my clock.12:32.Everyone was asleep.Thats when I heard soft whisperes from outside my door.
"It's this room,the one with the light on."Said one.
"No,it's the other one!The one with the grey door,Kurt remember!"Said the other.I tip-toed over to my door and opened it a bit.

"No,it's the one with the girl in her pajamas."I called out of my room.I heard a small giggle and opened the door wider.Two very fashionable people walked into my room silently.
Kurt and Mercedes were both wearing pajamas too.They held up their bags and said simultaniously"Sleepover!"I cracked a smile.My two besties.
"Guys,how did you get in?"I asked.Mercedes and Kurt gave each other a smirk and said"We have our ways.

I laughed and said."I'mma have to tell my dads not to leave the key under the frog."I sat down on the floor again,giving a wave for them to join me.
"Oh it wasn't under the frog,it was taped under the mailbox."Kurt said resting his hand on one of his knees.Mercedes playfully slapped him."I told you not to tell!"And again I laughed.

"I'm so going to miss you guys."I said almost crying.These were my two best friends.Mercedes and Kurt slid over and patted my back.
"It's ok,we'll come up and vist you and you'll be down in the summer!Come on now,don't cry."I wiped the bubbing tear from my eye.
"I love you guys."
I sighed and waited for a while.I even got back onto Fb to see if any of them were on.
The only one on...Jessie St. James...A guy I had a small crush on from Vocal Adrenalin(Sp).We met way back...
And the other one?
Just my completly insaine ex boyfriend who did quite alot of crap to me.
I heard a small pop and saw his name.John Hawk.I quickly logged off and turned off my silver computer.I put it back in its proper place and turned the light out.
Sweet dreams here I come.


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