The Rory Story-Volume One

The Rory Story-Volume One

Based in South London.
Theme Song:Invincible (Tinie Tempah Feat. Kelly Rowland).
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Re-reading the first few parts makes me realize how young i was when i wrote this,a lot has changed for me and i guess the guy Rory was based on isn't like Rory at all.But hey!That's cool!

Chapter 1

The Beginning

by: HariDeen
I'm Jade Chance,I'm 16 years old and today my husband,the love of my life,has been arrested.Yes you heard me correct,my husband.His name is Rory Mayers,he's also 16.I know we're a little to young to be married,but it's a LONG story.It's a little Romeo and Juliet.I'll start from the begining.

It all started when Rory had been expelled from his last school.A posh private school.He got caught stealing phones and selling them,stupid huh?But thats him,stupid ideas.His parents then sent him to my school,a small everybody-knows-everyone type of school.Rory and I went way back,unlike Romeo and Juliet their was no family fued,actually are familys are very close.Rory was your typical drug-dealing bad-boy player.And me?I was your average Rebelious teen.Don't get me wrong,i didn't cause havoc,but i was no goody-goody.
It was the second day of year 10.I was sitting with all my friends,that consisted with like everyone in my class,we were all catching up from our LONG summer holidays.
My close friend Josie came running up to all of us and grabbed me by the wrist and span me to the direction of the gate.
"What in the world-"
"Just look!"she ordered
And i did,walking throw the gates was Rory,oh great!
I had a MAJOR crush on him since like year 8,but he was one of those guys who every girl was after.So regardless of our history,he would never go for me.
"Okay so Rory's here and.....OMG he's walking this way!"I literally like almost screamed!
I watched as he bopped towards us,my heart racing.
"Hey Josie,good to see ya,guess your gonna be seeing me round for a bit."he grinned at her,completely ignoring the fact i was standing there,how charming!
"That's if you even last like a week!"she teased
"Jade,great to see you,your looking fine,it's been to long."
WHAT?!Okay i did SO not expect that.
"Um..Hi Rory,a bit of a shock to see you here.Got chucked out of your old school did you?!"I said raising my eyebrows in a don't-mess-with-me way.
"Huh?Me?Ofcourse not!"He said with a playfully hurt look."Nah,me in a posh school,i swear down it was bringing me down man!"
Josie and i couldn't help but laugh.And then the bell rang.
"Well i guess we better start getting to class Josie.Bye Rory."I said trying get away as fast as i could.
"Oh right class innit?Could you tell me where 10B is then?"he asked.
Both Josie and I stopped in our tracks.10B was our class!
Unlike most schools your in the same class with the same people for every lesson.
"T-thats our class."i practically whispered
"Great,then i guess i've just met two of my classmates huh?Just like old times right Jade?"he smiled
Oh great,second day back and my life was already in a shumbles.

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