Let's Cause Trouble [Emmett Cullen]

Let's Cause Trouble [Emmett Cullen]

Basic Info
Name - Hayley Brooks
Age - 17
Eyes - Green
Hair - Light brown and wavy

IMPORTANT Things in here do not happen like they did in Twilight!

Chapter 1

My Best Friend, Emmett McCarty

I dreaded gym.

I wasn't the best at sports. I didn't think it was fair that the less coordinated, like myself, were forced to play.

We were playing volleyball this week. Just my luck, the sport I'm worst at. I tried to stay out of everybody's way and prayed that the ball wouldn't come my way. As soon as I thought of that, the ball was coming towards exactly where I was standing.

My first reaction was to hit it. I watched as the ball hit our side of the net and fell to the floor. Everyone glared at me and I gave them an apologetic look.

I suddenly heard a booming laugh coming from the bleachers. I looked to the top row and saw my best friend, Emmett McCarty.

I shot him a murderous look and he automatically stopped.

Emmett and I have been best friends since third grade. We were really close. He was kind of like my big brother. We were both seniors now. Finally, our last year and then we were finished with high school.

I was relieved when the final bell rang. I headed to the locker room. I was always the last person to be finished changing. I walked through the empty gym and in to the hallway. I stopped at my locker and put the rest of my books in there. I walked out the main door and saw Emmett standing there, waiting for me like always.

"Hayley, you are so slow."

"You have a car," I said.

"You have one too."

"I know. But I like walking home."

He smiled, "And I like walking you home."

"Then why are you always complaining?" I asked.

"Just to irritate you."

I laughed lightly,"It works."

I walked down the sidewalk at the same pace as Emmett.

"Why did you choose to walk home today?" He questioned.

"Because it's a nice day and that barely ever happens in Forks."

"You're weird."

I smiled slightly,"Thanks."

It was silent for a moment but I saw Emmett's mouth pull up in to a smile.
"So Hayley, nice volleyball game today."

I glared at him and then punched his arm. "Shut up, Emmett!"

He laughed. "Ouch! That hurt for a girl who can't even hit a ball over a net."

I sighed,"I'm gonna start to tell your teacher that you're always skipping study hall."

His face went serious. "You wouldn't."

I laughed lightly,"Oh, but I would."

The insults stopped after that. We reached my house and I walked up the stairs to my front door. Emmett was already walking away. "Thank you," I yelled. He turned his head half way and smiled. "Anytime."


I know it was really short, but this is just like the beginning of what it's going to be like. Please comment and tell me what you think. Please be honest. (:

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