Uncovered and Revealed

Uncovered and Revealed

Annabelle Paris has always been a beauty, what some people would call "Drop Dead Gorgeous", but not many people notice and she's too modest to admit it. Annabelle loves photography and modeling, but it seems the one person she wants to notice her doesn't. Aaron Clancy is one of the best photographers in the state and Macy Anderson has her eyes set on him. To vent, Anna writes letters Aaron will never recieve... Until one day she drops the folder containing her secret and someone finds it.

Chapter 1


by: Writer101
I crossed the street quickly; waving at a car in gratitude while simultaneously glancing down at my watch.

My case was getting heavier and heavier with each continuous step.

I was going to be extremely early and it had become something of a tradition, but it was a whole lot better than being late.
My boss insisted we be on time and the alternative was usually ugly to witness. He was the type of man you didn't argue with and he insisted on being called Lucifer. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he thought being called Lucifer would scare us into thinking he really was the devil.

I rolled my eyes and pressed my back against the double glass doors to open them.

I smiled at an elderly couple as they passed not realizing they were my boss's parents until I was in the elevator.

I leaned against the wall and sighed; blowing my hair out of my eyes in the process.

The elevator dinged as the doors opened and my boss came into view.

I straightened up immedietely and smiled.

"Good morning, sir."

His bushy gray eyebrows pulled together.

"Aren't you a tad early, Annabelle?"

He grinned; nodding in approval.

"I prefer it that way. It's much better than being late." I smiled back.

"Much better for both of us." He said to close the conversation as the elevator doors opened. "I'm expecting photos as exceptional as they usually are."

"I won't let you down." I said seriously.

"I know you won't." he said just as the elevator doors closed.

All the models said he was sweet on me, but I didn't understand their reasoning. I was the same as the rest of them... At least that's what I thought for the longest time until I saw a picture of his deceased daughter. She looked as though she could be my twin.

I flicked the switch for the lights and practically jumped out of my skin.

"Aaron," I whispered.

He didn't appear to have heard me. His face was buried in his work and what I assumed to be his photographs.

For a moment, I imagined those green eyes glancing up at me. They were so beautiful and they were so rarely directed at me.

I shook my head to clear it, walked as fast as I could to the studio and dropped my stuff at my small desk. It was surrounded by a small set-up for photographs I could arrange however I pleased.

Lucifer said we could make the calls as long as the photographs came out good. I was grateful there were only two photographers.

I glanced at the mirror to my right, examined my reflection and then directed my gaze to the clock. I still had an hour and a half to kill.

I played with my hair and shifted through the wardrobe until I found something I wanted to wear.

I set the camera to auto and posed infront of it. Ten clicks went off before it stopped and I sighed; trying something different. This time, I didn't bother glancing at the camera.

When I was done, I didn't bother changing or re-doing my hair. I liked it and it had given me an idea for this mornings models.

I allowed myself a quick glance at each photograph.

They came out as they usually did: natural, but they were missing something and I couldn't place it.

I picked up a folder; realizing I had another half hour to kill and labeled it Letters.

I chewed on the end of my pen for a while before finally bringing it down on the paper.

Dear Aaron,

Well, here's to the us that never was. I have half an hour to kill before the real work begins and I'm writing a letter you'll never recieve. How very nice of me.
You're here too, but you hardly notice me... The one person I wish, oh so despretely to notice me doesn't. Was this how it was meant to be? Really I shouldn't care, but I do.
Macy has her eyes on you and you don't seem to mind one bit. I wish you looked at me like you look at her.
I wish your eyes would look upon me for more than just a moment. I don't care if I faint in front of everyone. It's worth it.
We never talk... Well, unless it has to do with buisness, but maybe that's the kind of guy you are. Then, again, I never got the change to really know you so I have no idea.
Well, time is closing in and you just walked in.
Just as I suspected... not a single glance to spare.
Why do I love you? Not even I know.

Annabelle Paris

I signed the bottom of the page and glanced up at Aaron.
He was busy setting up his section.
I wondered what his theme was today and if ever he thought about me.
Probably not.
I sighed; glancing down just as Macey walked in.

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