17 ways to annoy people in an elevator :p

17 ways to annoy people in an elevator :p


Chapter 1

why 17? cause i said so! :D

1) push all of the buttons & when the elevator starts stopping at every floor, start cursing and ask others why is it taking so long
2) Hold the doors open and say you're waiting for a friend. After a while, let the door close and say "Hey, Timmy, how's your day been?"
3) ask them to push the button for them, and then push the wrong one
4) meow occassionally
5) start dancing and playing on that invisible guitar of urs
6) bring a chair,a table and something to eat
7) stand really close to someone and sniff them occasionally
8) do joga
9) start making out with ur self
10) grab the old lady's but and when she turns, point at the man next to you
11) make explosion sounds when someone pushes the buttons
12) put your ear on the elevator wall "what did you say?" and start nodding ur head
13) sing "Mary had a little lamb" while continually pushing the buttons
14) stare at ur hand and say "i think it's getting bigger!"
15) lean to the other passenger whispering "they're watching you!"
16) when nobody is talking and its very quite, start screaming "Shut up! Leave me alone!"
17) lick gummy bears and stick them to the walls :PP


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