An Emo Love Story- (The Perfect Stranger)

ok, well, it is an Emo story (can hardly find any) where this girl has a big secret she is hiding and when pushed to the limit blurs it put and runs away. She meets someone who shows her the good joys of life and gives her all the reason to be happy but when the day is through she has to go back to the same old situation. Will she give it all up for the perfect stranger or continue the depressing life she has?

Chapter 1

The secret's out

I couldn't take it anymore, the emotional hurt was beginning to show on the outside and everyone was noticing. I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to hide this secret. The truth was bound to come out eventually, and I was tired of hearing my guidance counsellor going on about the effects of depression.
I personally thought that cutting myself worked very well, but things would go back to how they were and before the day was through I had just about every part of my body scarred. People teased me and called me “emo” but that didn’t bother me one bit. I was the type of girl who didn’t let anything or anyone get to me, you could say mean things to me and I would completely ignore you like your weren’t even there in the beginning, and that was how I got through my life basically.
I was your average teenaged girl. Well maybe not your average girl, more like emo. I was pale with green eyes and had long lean legs, I was about five feet six inches and my hair was cut short in a bob, with the front covering my left eye and it had green and blue highlights in it. I wasn’t your average emo girl per say, I wore black eyeliner thickly under and over my eyes, with a point at the end of my eye to give it a real dark effect but I also added my own taste and style to my appearance.
“Samantha, I am talking to you! Are you even listening? You need to tell me what is going on at home and don’t tell me nothing. Your grades have dropped from straight A’s to C’s and D’s and it’s like you don’t even care anymore, and that’s just not you. You can trust me you know, I can help you. Is it your brother?” Mrs. James, the guidance counsellor questioned.
Whenever I had an issue people always suspected my brother, I guess because he did drugs and well we never really hit it off to well. Every since our mother died, six and a half years ago, he started acting all weird and was never home. This caused some distance between us but my brother was all I had left. My father was there too, but I didn’t particularly like him.
“I have repeatedly told you there is nothing going on. If there was how would you help? You would just send him to jail and when he comes out he’d probably kill me this time.” I replied.
“Who is he?” she asked her expression turning soft and affectionate “You can talk to me sweetie, I'm here for you, and there isn’t anything you can tell me that I haven’t already heard. We’d get through this together, I promise.” She said.
I felt the tears beginning to form in my eyes, making my vision blurred, thankfully my hair was over my eyes and my head was down, so Mrs. James suspected nothing. I didn’t actually trust her, but this was the third year she was trying to get me to tell her what was going on with me. I never told anyone, not even my brother, but something about this time begged me to tell her what was really going on.
“My father forces himself on me every time he feels the urge to,” I started through tears as I watched Mrs. James’ face turn to horror “and there is nothing I can do about it. He says I'm a worthless piece of shXt and that’s what I deserve and if I ever told anyone, he would stop supporting me and wait until the point I can’t suffer much longer then kill me slowly and watch happily. I can’t tell my brother because he can barely support himself and I know he would take matters in his own hands and I can’t bear to lose him, even if he is hardly ever around. If you tell anyone or try to do anything about this I swear to you as I am standing here, that I will torture you and make your life a living nightmare right before I commit suicide!” And with that I was through the door.
I couldn’t stand it, my secret was out, well at least half of it, I knew I shouldn’t trust her but I had to tell someone as I had no friends. With tears running down my face, I pulled the hood of my black and red skulled hoodie over my head, placed my hands in the pockets of the black skinnys I was wearing and left school.

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