Seven Deadly Sins

~yours psychotically,
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Chapter 2

Day 1: Jeshika

"It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence."Mohamed Ghandi.

I awoke on the midnight blue cloth that lined the inside of my coffin. I stared up at the black sky that was dotted with tiny sparkling stars. My room had no ceiling. During the day it is stormy and dark clouds fill the sky as it rains and thunders. At night the sky is clear and I enjoy staring off into the explotion of stars.
I gripped the edge of my coffin to support me as I sat up. I swung my legs out and placed my bare feet on the first, cold glass step. My coffin floated near the top of my room. My room was an endless cilender without a ceiling. The walls were thick, dark clouds, and the floor, well, there was no floor. It was just darkness. The glass stepps floated independantly of each other, desending into the darkness. At one point the stairs split. One path continues into the darkness and the other leads to my closets. I have three closets. One is for my clothes, the second is for my weapons, and the for my soul collection. My clothes were mostly black, but some were red, green, or blue. In my weapons closet the walls were lined with guns, knives, swords and other leathal objects. My soul collection closet is where I keep my souls. Being a demon, I have no soul. Our job here in Hell is to take the souls that God, up in Heaven, rejects.
I countinued down the steps. A little ways down from my closets the stairs ended. I stood on the last one for a moment, gazing into the deepening darkness. I wanted to keep my black wings hidden under my cloak, so instead of flying I jumped into the nothingness. As I was falling I was spinning, not able to tell which way was up. Finally I hit the ground. I had landed on my right side.
"I need to get better at that," I whispered to myself. I was in a dark hallway with no doors. It was dimly lit with flickering candles, casting eiry shadows on the bare walls. Being a creature of the night, my name even meaning "midnight predator", I could see in the dark better than in the light. I silently manuvered through the many hallways until I found myself in a short corridor with a single window. Moonlight fell in through it. I leaned against the windowsill, resting my elbows on the ledge. This window made the perfect frame for the wonderful scene that lay beyond. The courtyard, or as some call it, "The Center".
Hell was a tricky place. It was divided into two regions, Fire Hell and Ice Hell. In the very center of Hell is the castle of Dementria, where I and the rest of Satan's family resides. Half of the castle is in Fire Hell and the other half is in Ice Hell. Between these two separate sections of the castle is the courtyard. The courtyard was split in half as well. The half I was on was bright, vibrant, and lust with plants during the day. These plants were not the foolish, colorful, pretty plants you mortals have. These were much better. The small trees were fun for shadows to play in and the carnivorous plants were enjoyable to study. At night, however, the moon would cast untrustworthy shadows, the stillness of the now dead plants sends chills to whoever trespasses during those horrifing hours of darkness. Then, once the sun returns, the plants come alive again and are just as welcoming as before.
On the other side, the always dead plants, the baren branches, and the small plants are all covering in a constant layer of snow. The bright white glistens and depics the perfect santuary from the cruel world that lays beyond these ancient walls. The perfect escape. But there has never been, nor is there now, nor will there ever be an escape.
A figure, dressed in a black cloak, similar to the one I was wearing, silently stood next to me. It aslo stared out the window.
"Are you ready to go or would you like to keep standing here until we get caught?" said Kieran, my half-sister. I didnt respond. We both turned away from the window and walked down the small corridor. After walking far away from our meeting place we arived in a particually long hallway. The silence hung heavy in the air. A chilling gust of wind was carried through the hallway, extinguishing all the candles. There was only one problem...there were no windows near this section of the castle.
We were in complete darkness. Not a problem for me. I saw a large, black figure come through the ceiling. I could see the shape of a man with large wings branching out from his back. He spread his wings out and flapped them once. This shot another breeze through the hallway. Instead of blowing out, the candles were re-lit. Standing in the hallway, illuminated by the flickering light, was Nyx, my half-brother. You will find that all my siblings are only half siblings. We are all related by my father, Satan, but we all have different mothers.
"Dramatic," I said.
"And where do you two think your going?" he asked.
"To the courtyard," Kieran lied.
"It'd be a shame if Father found out," Nyx said with a smirk.
"Last time I checked he doesnt care if we go to the courtyard," I said.
"True, but he gets angry when you sneak out of the castle," Nyx said, "I'm coming with you."
"No!" we chorused.
"Alright, fine," he said. I had never seen him give up this easily before.
There was a moment of silence before Nyx made his move. He ran down the hall as fast as he could, and we ran after him. He turned quickly and slid on the floor but regained himself just as quick. Kieran and I were right behind him. He guided us into the main hall which was home of the historic Grand Saircase. At the bottom, on the left side, were 20ft tall doors leading to "the Devil's Chamber". That was where our father was all day long. Light flooded from under the door, he was in there. My stomache dropped as I saw Nyx run down the stairs, taking two at a time. We sprinted down the stairs, hoping that we wouldnt trip. When he reached the bottom we went for it. We both jumped and tackled him to the floor. My hand imediately covred his mouth. We easily pinned him down and then Kieran grabbed his throat.
"Black cloak, no wings, no shoes," she whispered, "got it?" He nodded his head as much as he could.
We walked down the streets, dressed as peasants. Kieran and I weaved through the crowded market with ease. This, of course, was the night market. The day market sold food, utensils and other household items. The night market sold weapons, random objects that supossedly had magical properties, rare beasts, and fake pasports to different realms. The people of the night market we very different from the people in the day market too. Durring the day are regular people of Hell that shoplift and try to make a living. During the night, however, if you shoplift, your dealt with. "Can people of Hell die again?" your feeble un-imaginative mind might ask. No, they cant, but they can be seriously injured and tortured to the brink of death, but no further. At the night market, names were not known, intentions were not questioned, and all deals were final. Simple.
We had no intrest in these people. We continued traveling to a small, desserted street that was far from the castle. Only one oil lantern helped the half moon illuminate the street. This one lantern hung over a sign that read "McManus Pub" next to the door. We entered a nearly empty bar. The only creature there was a man who looked human. Werewolves usually do when its not a full moon. Kieran and I lowered our hoods and motioned for Nyx to do the same.
"Kieran! Jeshika!" exclaimed the old man.
"Hey Doc," I replied, "This is our brother, Nyx."
"Hello, there," Doc said.
"Hi, uh, Doc."
"So what would you girls like?" asked Doc.
"What do you got?" I asked.
"Uh, I have Lawyer, Lion, Serial Killer, Shark, and.."
"I'll have a glass of Serial Killer," said my sister.
"Shark," I said, "and one shot of Lawyer and one shot of Lion for the newbie."
"Newbie?" asked Nyx as Doc poured our drinks. The thick, dark red blood of a shark drizzled from the bottle into the cup, which always had exactly three ice cubes. Then he poured a bright blood red liquid into Kieran's glass. Finally he poured a shot of an almost pink drink and another shot that was dark maroon.
"Yeah," Kieran explained to Nyx, "you hang around in Ice Hell with Abel when Father lets us out. There they have mortal alcohol. Here we have blood."
"Whats the difference?"
"You'll see," I said with a evil smirk, "Try the Lawyer first."
He picked up the dark maroon one and tilted his head back as he drank it. I remembered the first time Kieran took me here. She also made me try the Lawyer then the Lion. The Lawyer is strong and unbelievably sour. Once you finally recover from that your forced to go from one extreme to another. The Lion is unbearably sweet.
Nyx's eyes went wide and then he shut them as tight as he could. Doc, Kieran, and I started laughing. My sister and I sat down on the barstools and sipped our drinks.
"Here, now try the Lion, and no, its not sour," Kieran said, handing him the shot glass while taking back the empty one. He took it and drank it. He then had a pained expression on his face as he picked up my drink and sipped it to wash the sickly sweet taste down. He gave me back an empty glass.
When he finally was able to talk again he said, "Oh, I see the difference, YOUR ALL CRAZY!"
"No, well yes, but blood is just more hard core than alcohol," explained Kieran.
"Get him some Whale blood, Doc," I said.
"Yeah, thats more like the beer you whimps drink over there," Kieran added.
"So do you guys ever sneak out to go to Ice Hell?" Nyx asked.
"No, we always come here," I replied.
He looked around. The only thing other than the bar was a billards table. Fire Hell and Ice Hell are very different. In Fire Hell everything is medievil and old fashioned, like the Middle Ages. The billards table was probably the most modern thing here. Ice Hell, however, is just as modern as a city in the human realm.
"There's nothing much here," Nyx pointed out, "What do you do?"
"Sit, drink, and talk," Kieran said like there was no need for anything else to have a good time. He sat down next to me.
"There's not even a television," he sighed.
"Oh, grow up!" I said.
And so we sat there, drank, and talked. Until we finished our first cups, at least. I got up, and so did Kieran.
"You ready to go?" asked Doc.
"Yeah," we responed. But instead of going through the door that we entered the pub, we went to a door on the other side of the bar. Nyx remained seated but watched us go through the door.
"COME ON!" I yelled over my shoulder. He quickly followed us. In a hidden room above the pub was a portal, an illegal one. It looked very similar to the one on the floor of my room, just, much smaller. Portals can take you anywhere, to other realms, or other places in Hell. Large, legal ones require passports and have a log to know who goes where.
"You first" we said.
"What? No way!" Nyx protested.
We didnt repeat ourselves. We forced him through and Kieran followed. I turned to Doc once the other two were gone.
"When they come here tell them that we were never here and that they should go back."
He nodded. I stepped into the portal, into nothing. I stepped into...the Shinigami Realm!

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