Seven Deadly Sins

~yours psychotically,
A & E

Chapter 1


What do you see as you look beyond the Earth's surface? Rocks? Dirt? Look deeper you incompetant mortal, beyond science and logic. Look deeper, beyond the depths of the firey core of your insignificant planet. "Can you go deeper?" you might ask. My answer,
Go deeper, beyond your imagination, beyond your biggest dreams, beyond your most disturbing nightmares...There is a place deepest of all...
Welcome to Hell
Yes you heard me right. Hell, the realm of Satan, where all that are dark and evil lie, where unwanted shadows lurk, and horrors, horrors you cant possiblly imagine. To the depths of our torturous pit where fire and ice lie side by side, and where beings are free of the pressure of good, beauty, wealth, power, and perfection.
As you pass on, where will you go? Heaven? Hell? Purgatory? Many fools such as you would assume that the line that lays between good and evil is so simply clear cut. In reality, it is jagged, broken, tattered, and battle-worn. Then why, may I ask, are you afraid? Why do you opppose evil? Why do you play God's little "good" game just to ensure your path to Heaven? These are my questions, but do you even know the answers?
Is Heaven what it really seems to be? Or is it a mask? A beautiful mask to the cold hard truth to what death really is. The living shall never know, and the dead are bound to it forever.
What makes the line between Heaven and Hell so clean cut anyway? Is any man really good? All men are bound to human nature, inevitable, unstoppable. In that case, what makes one man so different from the others? What simple factor allows one man to go to Heaven when ten are shipped down to the firey pits of Hell? Here, in this realm of Satan, lies the cold, hard truth of death, or at least, whatever lies beyond.
This is where I live, along with my five brothers and sisters, and most importantly my father. Can you guess who that might be? Of course not, being the foolish mortals that you are, but I'll tell you anyway. Thats, right, my father is Satan. Him, I, and my brothers and sisters live in the castle Dementria, the half-way mark between Ice Hell and Fire Hell. Together, we, my family and I, make up the Seven Deadly Sins!

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