Double Trouble In La Push

Well this is a new story me and my great friend Breanna (aka xxTwilightChickxx) came up with it. We really hope you like.
Well the story is about a some hybird twins moving La Push because of their fathers job. They meet the guys and become really good friends. But one of them Imprint on one and another on the other one. The girls soon realise that the guys have something to hid so they go undercover to try and figure it out while trying to hide what they are but will they?

Chapter 1

Meeting The New Characters

Reyna Lithe
17 yrs. old
She is a hybird
Violet colored eyes
Was born with a tatto of a sparkly black wolf with wings on the left shoulder
Reyna is the twin sister of Breanna,she is 7 min. younger. She is lazy and a big slacker. She is only active when she is parting and doing her job as a model fo American Eagle. She's bad with relationship considering she is super lazy and doesn't went to commit. Loves to watch sports but not play them. Likes to sing a bit now and again and knows how to play the violin & piano but to lazy to do it. She hates hw and is a trouble maker in skwl. Loves to draw and write and does it on her spare time. Eats and sleeps a lot but doesn't gain weight. When she transform into a wolf she has a blueish purpleish fur and her eyes turn gray. When she is a vampire her eyes turn light blue and her hair turn light blonde. When she is mad her hair turns firery red and her eyes pitch black.

Breanna Lithe
17 yrs. old
She is a hybird
Violet colored eyes
Long light brown hair with layers but a little edgier than Reyna
Was also born with a tatto of a sparkly wolf with wings but on her right shoulder.
Breanna is the twin sister of Reyna,she is 7 min. older. She is the smart responsible one,but if the time is right she can reallu let her hair down. Never gets in trouble at school and always gets papers turn in on time. Loves to draw with her sis,but her sis the better writer. She is really in the music industry. Loves to sing and can play almost every instruments. Is a little bit thicker than her sis,but not much. Could sleep a lot on weekends but is up and moving on school days to get ready and get her sister up and moving. When she turns into a wolf she has pure white fur that fades into black as it get down to her feet and her eyes are an array of colors. When she is a vampire her eyes are green-brown hazel and stunning golden blonde hair like her dad. When she gets mad her hair turns black and her eyes dark red.

Andrew Lithe
15 yrs. old
Dark blue eyes
Black shaggy hair
Is only a wolf
Perfers to be called Drew. Hates being the little one. He is really into elctronics,and can be really airheaded. His fur in black with white spots here and there and his eyes turn sky blue.

Nikki Brie Lithe
38 yrs. old
Brown eyes
Long brown hair
Is a werewolf
Loves to shop and really loves her husnband. Was the first true girl to turn into a werewolf. Her fur is golden blonde and her eyes turn pink.

Rob Lithe
Stuck at 39 yrs. old
Is a full vampire
Golden blonde hair a bit shaggy
Gray eyes
Loves to read and write. He is also a drawer and loves to spend time with his wife

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