Albert the atheist

Albert the atheist

another InvaderBeth play. originaly 4 parts total but i desided to continue cus u all want me to and it was fun to write the first 4 parts so why not. enjoy.

pics of the characters in this story.

Chapter 1

go to church!

Albert- but grandma, I can't go to church.

grandma- Heaven forbid. Jesus Albert you got to go to church.

Albert- grandma you know i'm an atheist. plus i'm suposted to meet spike at the mall today.

grandma- if you don't go to church, u'll go to helll. and i don't like you hanging out with that devill child.

albert- first of all grandma there is no heaven and no helll. i do not know why you waste your time going to church. second of all, spike isn't a devill worshiper he is just a beliver in anarchy.

grandma- ugh! were going to be late. come on little susie.

little susie- but grandma, why do i have to go when albert dosn't have to?

grandma- because hes eccentric. i don't want you to be like that so come on. were late. come on albert, your comeing to church!

albert- No! i'm going to hang out with spike.

grandma- your comeing to church! your so impious!

albert- why do you have to be so redundant? i'm not going and thats that.

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