Refusing you (a Damon salvator love story)

Refusing you (a Damon salvator love story)

this is my first story, i hope you like it :)
comment, rate... whatever you like, tell me what you like or dont like, dont be shy ;)
Sorry if the first chapter is a tad long, i didnt realise how much i was writing haha :P

Chapter 16

This day was... different

Remember me? Ofcourse not. No one remembers me, not even i do.
I kept my promise, i left and i changed, i shrunk into the background, i didnt spend more than ten minutes in one place such as a shop and i never told people my name, i hadnt heard it in a while, it sounded foreign to me. I moved to so many different places, states, even countries. It has been three years since i left Mystic falls and since then i had moved to four different states in america and eventually back to england. I had lost contact with my dad, hearing his voice on the phone and seeing his handwriting on a letter, hurt too much.
I turned twenty yesterday. This age was heartbreak all over again, Damon was twenty, and he always would be. I hadnt heard or seen Damon since i left, i didnt want to, life was too difficult.
I looked out of my small apartment window at the setting sun, letting a tear slide down my cheek.
This was the best i was going to get, no day was ever different. I woke up in the morning, avoided everyone as much as i could and went back to sleep.
The only freedom i felt was in my dreams, i would see everyone there, mum, dad, Stephan and Elana. I woke myself up before Damon could make an appearance.
I hadnt smiled in a long time, nor felt true happiness. I missed everything about Mystic falls, but i couldnt go back.
I still wore my ring, i couldnt get it off, but i hadnt used the power since that night. Im kind off hoping its dormant again. Also, no one has tried to kill me, so thats a plus, i think.
I know what youre thinking; wow her life must suck. And yeah, sometimes it does, but i remind myself im doing this for the the people i loved, who i still loved, who i would always love.
I assumed this was how the rest of my life would be, i would be the distant memory no one could place. But today was different, for the first time my heart felt something other than pain, today i had a reason to believe in miricals...


Well my lovely readers it think i will bring this little chapter to an end... well not really. I was thinking of carrying on the story but in Damons point of view?... what do you think? I already have tons of ideas but let me know your thoughts and what you think i should do, i appreciate all of the comments :) love you !

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