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Hey it's me! I'm sorry I haven't been on as much cos I've had a lot of exams but don't worry I'm still writing I'll hopefully have new chapters up for each of my stories. As a peace offering this is a BBC Sherlock story (blame my sister she asked to write it! And I (as usual) did.) Hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 (real this time!)

by: Saars
Chapter 1
Three people raced through the inky black night. Two men one taller than the other, his coat whipping out behind him like a cape.  A woman followed them clutching her side and breathing heavily her strawberry-blonde hair cascading down over her face like a curtain.

"Where is he? Did you see which way he went Sherlock?" she asked the black haired man.

Sherlock raised an eyebrow, "Leah you amaze me sometimes. Always asking stupid,insignificant questions, of course I saw him."

Leah said nothing but simply rolled her eyes.  She was beginning to wonder how John put up with him...especially  if he didn't know a thing about the solar system and weather the Earth went around the sun, the moon or round and round the garden like teddy bear. 

John came hurtling towards them, "Molly called. She said she's got the toxology reports back- turns out that it was arsenic that was used to kill him, she also said that the bruising may of occurred when the vicim was being strangled- but she did say something else to." 

"Go on then." Sherlock prompted him.

John continued, "She said that there was a mark or a tattoo on the victims arm, but she couldn't tell what it was because there was bruising covering that part of the body-" 

"Almost as if he'd been hit multiple times." Leah mused.

John nodded, "Mols also mentioned that there were burn marks all on his back and some on his legs- almost as if someone was trying to torture the information we found in that book out of him." 

Leah looked at Sherlock in horror, "Who'd do that?" 

Sherlock looked at them grimly and replied in monotone voice,"Moriarty." 

John laughed but stopped when he saw the look on Sherlock's face.

"You can't be serious" he cried in disbelief.  "Moriarty?! B- but it can't be him Sherlock."

"And why would that be John?" 

"Be- because he's in jail. You know he is, they can't of released him now!" John cried in disbelief. 

"It might not be him Sherlock." Leah cut in, "It could be one of his lackeys carrying out his work for him."

Sherlock sighed and said: "Leah I highly doubt that a master criminal like Moriarty would give his lackey's lists of things to do whilst he's in prison."

John rolled his eyes behind Sherlock's back as Leah mouthed "Help me!" at him as Sherlock droaned on at an impossible speed.

Molly sighed. She was sat in her bed nursing a cup of sweet milky tea and stroked Toby's head as he purred happily. The rain pummeled on the windows like drums. If John and the others were still outside they'd be drenched to the bone. 

Her phone suddenly rang. She answered it tentatively, "Who is it."

"Molly it's John." 

"JOHN! Are you okay?" 

She could hear the fondness and laughter in his voice as he said: "Yes, yes we're fine don't worry. How are you?" 

"I'm fine trying to watch an episode of Doctor Who at the moment but what's up, anything?" 

"Sherlock needs you to nab couple of records from the morgue."

"Oh okay. Um anything else that his majesty needs." Molly enquired.

"Nope I think that's everything he needs."  

There was a crackle as John handed over the phone to somebody. A rich baritone voice came on the line, "Molly it's Sherlock."

Even though Molly was engaged to John she could not help the shiver that ran down her body at the sound of his voice. "Y-yes? W-what is it Sherlock?"

"Meet us in a few minutes at the morgue. I need to see the body of Robert Patterson again."

"B-but he's on my list!" she protested feebly.

"Wheel him out. For me, please?" Sherlock pleaded. 

"I'll see what I can do Sherlock." Molly relented. 

"Thank you Molly." Sherlock replied handing the  phone back to John. 

"Sorry about that Mols."

"Oh don't worry John it's no trouble-"
"Yeah but if I'd of just phoned you earlier then-" 

"Hey it's fine, it's just a bit short notice that's all. I'll see you in a few minutes." Molly said.

 "Yes, see later Molly." He replied as Molly cut the call. She sighed, rolled her eyes to Toby, and got dressed. 

"What's the world coming to?" she muttered to herself, as she grabbed her coat and a bunch of Manila files off of her kitchen table as she grabbed her keys and locked her house door.    

When Molly arrived at St Barts morgue Sherlock, John, and Leah were already there. John smiled at her she smiled back, "These are the folders that you wanted Sherlock." she said as she handed him the folders. 

"Thank you." he replied with smile. 

Molly opened one of the cold metal doors on the wall and brought out the body of Robert Pattinson shrouded in a black body bag on a silver tray.

"That's the tattoo there." she said pointing to a dark splodge on the arm of the body.  "At least I think it's a tattoo." said Molly hesitantly. "But there is a lot of bruising there so I could be wrong." 

 Sherlock looked closer squinting,  "I think you could be right Molly. It looks like it's a tattoo and not a bruise. Can I see his back?" he asked her as Molly felt the warm tingling sensation dissaporate as quickly as it came. 

"Uh, why?" 

Sherlock looked at her pointedly, "Can I just see it please?" 

 Molly obliged and did as he asked turning the body the other way so Sherlock could inspect the back of the vic's body. What they saw was a mass of burn marks: ugly red and blistering, blue, yellow and purple bruising like smashed rotten fruit thrown on a wall and lines of reddish brown crusty blooded scabs all over the pale skin.  It looked like a Picasso painting - all different colours and hues mixed together to form a truly horrific piece of art. 

 It brought tears to Molly's eyes. 

"Who did this?" she whispered to John. 

John took a deep breath and jumped off the cliff - in an unliterate sense - or at least it felt like he was, "Mols your not going to like this but it - it was M-Moriarty."

Molly gulpped, burst in to red hot tear drenched sobs and then cried out "JIM?!" in disbelief and anger.  

Sherlock and Leah sighed all they could do - but didn't want to do as they felt like intruders- was look on in disbelief as Molly and John hugged each other, crushing themselves to the other persons hair. 

All Molly could say was: "He said he'd come back," she sobbed, clutching at John whispering it like a secret as John stroked her hair. 

Leah sighed as she looked at what was happening and what was transpirering between Molly and John as she gripped Sherlock's hand tightly in a death-grip.

"I hope nothing like that ever happens to me." she whispered to Sherlock.

"It won't. I won't let that - or anything remotely like that- happen to you. I swear on my life."

"Don't say that Sherlock because then if something does happen to me then your declaration may come true." 

Sherlock smiled at her, saying nothing. 

 Little did they know that tomorrow something like that would happen...

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