One Year Long

One Year Long

The first few chapters are a bit messed up. So yeah....

Chapter 1

Chapter one

This story is dedicated to all the girls out there with fire in their eyes but a broken heart to follow them.

His name was Rozelle. I was in 9th grade when I met him.
I don't know what drew me to him. It may be his mocha colored skin, or his bad boy side. This boy pierced his ear with something from the social studies teacher's closet. What he did looked very painful, but he just stood there and put a hole in his ear with something that wasn't even sterilized. Rozelle was like most African-American boys in my class, but he was taller, and had a little more meat on his bones.
Rozelle asked me out after only one month of high school. I of course said yes to him. Most boys are afraid I might do something to them if they asked me out, so Rozelle was considered reckless already. We went to the park and had a little picnic in a ring of willow trees that he had found that was obscured from anyone else. He somehow knew how much I liked nature, especially willow trees. Now, if your worrying about me, being hidden in the park with a boy and no one else there, don't be. Rozelle didn't even try to put moves on me. All we did was eat the cold chicken sandwiches he had brought and talked about other couples we knew about, such as Brianna and Jackson. That couple didn't find out until later that they were cousins.
Rozelle and I went out for a few months, as happy as could be. Then we had a fight.
"How dare you do that!" I shouted at him. We were at the ring of willow trees that had be come our little hiding place. You should not be allowed to live! It's taking everything in me to keep from stabbing you right now!
Whoa, whoa, baby. Please, calm down, Rozelle coaxed. He knew how I was when I was angry, and I already had my pocket knife out, blade drawn.
But I was on a roll. You should have known better than to cheat on me, Rozelle Martin. I laughed. Here I come to give you a little present, a little something I found on the Internet, and I see you making out with Liz! And you had your hand up her shirt! I know she's a slut, but god damn you to think about nothing but your di ck! With crazed eyes I jumped onto the picnic table we had found and dragged into the willow tree circle. Rozelle was across the small clearing opposite of me.
Come on, Jade. I was just fooling around. She means nothing to me, Rozelle pleaded.
*I don't fvcking care, you a5$hole! Were you going to fvck her?*
Rozelle mumbled under his breath. *So you two were going to fvck, huh. Do you know how fvcked up that is? Were you just so hrny because I wasn't going to give you any? You knew I was waiting to do it. I was waiting for the right time, you di ck!
Oh, shiite. Rozelle knew what was going to happen, and started to raise his hands in front of his face. It was too late. I launched myself off the picnic table and across the small clearing. I landed on top of Rozelle with my hair in my face and a crazed look. Remember, I had my knife out, so you can guess my objective. Yes, I succeeded with my goal, because I slashed his face.
Oh, shame, I said, laughing. The cheeks are the best part. I jumped off him and ran away laughing maniacally, but before I did I gave him a good kick in the balls.
Rozelle got his face patched up. He told his mom and all the adults who asked that he cut it on a tree branch. I don't know if they believed him, but they didn't question his story. Everyone else at school that saw him knew it was me.
I hung out with my other friends, the pain gang we called ourselves.
There was Jessica, the person who most encouraged my bad side. Her nickname was Wasabi, and it fit her perfectly. She was super hot, according to most of the guys at school. I think the only boys who didn't like her body were Zach and Stevie, one of the only gay couples in Count Opera High. Her personality also burned into you the first time you meet her, like wasabi does to your tongue.
Christy was next in the gang. Now, Christy wasn't the average fifteen year old girl here. No, she was probably the meanest of us all. She could hurt you with words and leave you bleeding for days - she truly belonged in the pain gang. Christy had thick hair that she kept dyeing different colors. The school policy was against some of her colors, but no one did anything about it. I think they just want to see which color she'd pick next.
There was the twins, Kara and Karma. They didn't exactly belong in the gang, but I loved them both and so there they were with us. Kara was the quiet twin, who would rather read than be outside. She walked slowly, as if in thought. She had thick brown hair that she kept short so that she didn't have to do anything with it. Karma was the almost opposite of Kara. She loved to read too, but loved to be outside. She was the active twin that had her hair in a pony tail and a bounce in her step. Most people couldn't tell them apart, but I could, even without the obvious clues, such as the hair cuts. Karma was energetic, as Kara was not but only on rare days that had started to become more frequent the more time she spent with me. I was close with Kara, so close my dad thought we're going out even though we just felt like sisters. He was always making jokes like that.
Then there is me. I basically brought the pain gang together. I was one that carried a pocket knife, and loved to insult people. I had hair that was originally brown, but alternated between red and purple. I also held the gang together on a daily basis, so we were as close as sisters. Kara was my best bud, though Christy and Jessica were close behind. Karma may have been a distant sister, but I loved her all the same.
On this Friday, we were all ditching our last period class, even the twins. We were in the attic, where no one went, not even the janitor. I filled them in on what happened the last night.
You go girl, Jessica told me, pushing me. I righted myself before I slammed into the spare little scooter thingies and went rolling around. Jessica could think she was doing something harmless, and it would end up physically painful.
Yeah, we knew that you did that to him, but I didn't think he was cheating on you, Karma said.
What did you think, Karma? That I did that just to amuse myself? I said.
Well, that sounds like something you would do, Kara pointed out.
You're right. That is something I would do. Or what someone else that we know would. We all looked at Christy, accusing her of doing that very thing.
Yes, I may have gotten bored and stabbed my ex, but what do you expect me to do? Go play cards with Stevie? Christy retorted. We all had to laugh at that.
What was it you got him? Jessica asked me.
I burned him a CD of the Rockmen off the Internet, I replied. They're his favorite band.
So what are you going to do, Jade? I'm sure what you did would be considered a breakup, but are you okay? Kara asked soothingly. I stared at her.
I appreciate it, Kara, but I'm okay, I replied. Then the bell rang. The gang and I made plans to meet at the Hideaway the next day for lunch, and we went home.
I was walking to my red Chevy truck when Rozelle appeared behind me. He pulled at my arm, made me stop, and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away as soon as I knew for sure what he was going to do.
Are you defective? I asked Rozelle.
What do you mean, baby? he said.
Did you think, for one moment, one moment, that we were still going out? Or was my cutting your face to pieces something I did for fun! I started to walk off, leaving his shocked face behind.
But, babe- he got no farther than those two words when I turned around and said Go to hell, Rozelle. Then I thought to myself, hey, that rhymed.
I got into my truck and drove away, but not before I stuck my hand out the window and flipped the bird.

*rockmen are made up, btw

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