I am very Disappointed in all of us (This is something for everybody)

I am to sad to speak

Chapter 1

Killing our world

I am very Disappointed in all of us:)
look at all our selfish actions
you know in my country (South Africa)
20000 million children here have no parents
they cry every night
people are killing
and some of us act like we don't care about other race's
It's time to Stop
Think about those kids in Africa
there parents have abonded them or died but nobody wants them
but they are still like little soldiers
we have Abused our world
all the people in it
all the people on the street do u ever give them something anything money, food
We have got to stop
That goes for Governors and Presidant's
Do u guys like living like this
Where is the Love
on earth
i maybe only 10
but I want everybody to make a diffirence in this world
I am trying to start like a program/ campainge to save us
So i hope some of you with hearts out there
can help me:)

This is the thing that inspired me

Maybe one day we will have nothing, No crime no sadness everybody loved equally please help make a diffrence in this world:)


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