Most AWESOME People On Quibblo!

Hey Hey! I just want to list the people that I want to show gratitude towards for inspiring, caring,and being SUPER nice to me! NOTE: If you're not listed, I either don't know you well, or, you haven't been on in awhile etc... Well, see if you're one of those peeps! :D

Chapter 1

Special Friends! :D

JeskaM: She's been my VERY best friend since day numero uno! She's funny, caring, total tomboy (which is good), COUNTRY Queen, and an all around great person! Friend her!

u_r_beautiful: SO many great things to say about her! She's talented, sweet, caring, LOVES Jesus, polite, and loves all things country as well! I think you should friend her ASAP!

Rawring_At_Strangers(Sowwy if I did it wrong!) : Oh gosh! ANOTHER person that I have so much to say for! Let's see, he's my twinie, he's kawaii, RANDOM, Hysterical, talented, special, and unique! I couldn't ask for a better friend! Now, you know what to do! (Friend him...)
VampirePrincessXD: Ah, unique, funny, beautiful personality, friendly, hyper, and random to a T! Do it! Friend request her! Press dat button!!

Weirdlittlegurf: Hm, let's see.... Uh! Awesometastic! She loves groovy saying from the 70s and 80s! Like moi! She's talented, friendly, maybe abit quirky and different, but that's great! That's why I love her! Now, are you blind? No you say? Then do it!
laayLaa: Oh My Pickles! Alot to say, but let's not use up the whole page! She's VERY much like me! Funny, random, unique, sensitive, friendly, mature mixed with playfulness! Even though she's older than me, we're like sisters! Psst send her a _.

Danielle_Nara: She's my #1 support of my writing! And I support her stories when no one will! Even though she isnt on that much, she needs to be recognized! And she needs more friends!

Trainer4711: My misunderstood friend! He loves anime! He likes to talk sometimes so, message him if you want!

JD_Luver_27: LOVES Johnny Depp! Has a crazy sense of humor, nice, and talented! Short and sweet :D

xxxTeam_Dimitri: Awesome! Most beautiful soul and personality! She'll pick you up when you're down! F.r her!

Perfect: One thing's for sure, her writing skills ARE perfect! She loves Zuko and Draco so watch out! But, don't f.r her! She has enough friends!

Gamerchixpwn: 1st: sorry I'm using ur old name. Alright, HILARIOUS, perverted like me! And very talented! I hope we can be great friends!

That's the end! If I didn't mention you, I'm deeply sorry! Message me so I can get to know you better! Congrats winners :D


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