Sweet Taste Of Evil (Draco Malfoy)

Sweet Taste Of Evil (Draco Malfoy)

well, as you can tell from my profile, i absolutely BOW DOWN to Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton so I just HAD to make a love story about him!! Comment.Favorite.Rate? Thanks! Tell me if I should continue, and if I'm not yelling too much, could I have 5 comments for every new chapter? Thanks!


(somewhere in that video Tom dances with Emma Watson and I find it HILARIOUS!)

Chapter 1

Just the Beginnning

I took a deep and soothing breath. So what, I'm starting 4 years late? At least I'm starting.. I thought, but each thought kept sinking into negative thoughts, like I'll suck.

The train rumbled to a stop and I tried not to hyperventilate. Nerves made my hands shake softly, and I realized how much this felt like stage fright. I shook my head, clearing my mind, head aching softly, as I tried to think happy, good thoughts.

The Hogwarts Express was loud as people passing through the corridors eagerly made their way to the doors, an excited murmur running through them, spreading like wildfire.

I took another deep breath and stood, my legs feeling like jello. I wondered how I looked. I wished I'd brought a compact. I waited for something to happen;maybe me falling to the ground? Me yelling out in complete terror as I walked out the door and saw other people?

I put my hand on the door and slowly slid it, and saw only few people left. My legs rubber, I started forward. I was very aware of everything around me. No stares, at least. People didn't push past my slow legs, they were patient.

I finally made it off the train and tried not to wobble. I saw a man yelling, "Firs' years!" and I wandered over to him unthinkingly. "Hullo?" I asked in a weak voice. He looked around crazily, until I said, "Hello?"

He looked down and grinned, "Sorry abou' that. Didn' see yer there. Wha' year are you gettin' into?" he asked.

"Umm..this is my first year here at Hogwarts. But at my other school I was 4th year, so I should be in 5th year here.." he pondered that for a second.

"Yer should go to the carriages,righ' over there, tha' boy with red hair is goin' there, follow him, you'll be alrigh'." he said, pointing to a tall and gangly boy walking away from the boats that the man was standing by.

"Okay! Thanks!" I said, and I began walking, legs having some more feeling, and followed the red headed boy, who, thankfully, didn't notice being tailed.

Then there were threstrals! Black winged and beautiful, attached to the carriages. I walked forward them, holding out my hand. I stroked one who was looking at me lazily.

"You see them too? So I'm not going crazier than usual," a soft and misty voice murmured from behind me.

I was almost afraid to look behind me. I dropped my hand and twisted my torso. A girl (maybe a year younger than me?) was standing there, white hair down to her waist, a soft and gently feeling about her, her eyes wide and curious.

"Yeah.." I muttered, and then I saw the carriages slowly moving. I heard laughter, my face burned. "Come on!" I said to the girl, and I started running after it. She hesitated but ran, hair flying behind her like a curtain of snow.

I grabbed her hand and caught the edge of one of the carriages. It seemed to have either one person or no one. I held on to the girl and carriage with all my strength, which wasn't a lot, and lifted my foot onto the step up. "Oh!" the girl gasped, voice still far away, like she was in space.

I kept my hand in hers and she gradually picked up her pace. I felt an ache in my arm as I clung to the carriage and her. She finally put her foot on the step up and she pulled herself up.

I fell back in the seat, sighing with relief and embarrassment at my rash and sudden movement.

I glanced at her and she was beaming, eyes lit. "Thank you, that was very exciting. Quite a rush.." she said, her voice sounding amazed and in awe at the same time, it's space like quality never leaving her voice.

"Don't mention it." I mumbled, red.

"I'm Luna Lovegood." she said, holding out a hand. I shook it, "Riley Flannigon."

She smiled, "What year are you?"


Her smile faded just a bit, "I'm 4th,"

"Not that far away," I tried in an attempt to cheer her up.

"You're polite; but it's alright, not that far away, as you say, oh! We're here. I suppose we should go inside now..goodbye!" She said, gave me one last smile, and she jumped off the carriage as soon as it skid to a stop.

And then I saw him, getting off the carriage, hit white blond hair vibrant against his dark school robes, a smile plastered on his face as he laughed with 3 friends, and he didn't even look at me~but I knew I'd never forget that face.

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