Who knew love could be true? (Fred Weasley love story)

Well, your name is Christina, Christina Kirsten Thomas. You have chestnut brown hair (kinda looks a bit like it's a dark red though) that curls without you having to do anything. You've got hazel brown eyes and you're about... 156cm. Your likes change over time, and you're very in touch with nature.
You're parents are a mystery to you. You live in an orphanage and a strange ancient looking man came and told you about your "special gift".
That's how the adventure of a lifetime begins...

Chapter 1

At the begining

It is my first time ever stepping out of the orphanage alone and I have no idea where station 9 and 3/4 is. How could such a thing even exist? I stood in the middle of station 9 and 10 thinking that I was going mad. Clutching onto my trolley, I walk and look around for someone I can ask for help, hoping they won't think I'm mad. I bump into this red-haired boy in my search. As if on queue, I blushed a deep red. Staring at my feet apologized. I sneak a glance up, and see someone who looks like his mother and ask shyly,
"Excuse me, ma'am, do you know where Station 9 and 3/4 is? I can't seem to find it"
"Oh, must be your first year. It's Fred and George's First year too. Come along and I'll show you" She chirps.
She tells me to watch her as she sends two of her sons (they're all red heads) through a wall! She signals for me to go next. Taking a breath, I shut my eyes and get to the other side of the gate. I thank her once we all get to the other side, and go aboard the train. I find an empty compartment, and go inside. I lift my luggage and try putting it into the luggage rack above the chairs. Unfortunately, I'm a tad too short, and everything comes crashing down on me.
'Oww...' I thought inwardly. I hear someone yell
"Fred, George!"
The next thing I see is three pairs of shoes lifting my lauggue off me and helping me store it in the rack above. The red hair boy with glasses offers me a hand and says
"Hi, I'm Percy Weasley. These are my brothers Fred and George."
I blush madly when shaking hands with Fred.
"Erm... thanks for the save. It's nice meeting all of you.." I say awkwardly as I stare at the floor.
"Well, we'd best be off then! If you ever need any help with classes, you can always find me. I'm in Gryffindor." Percy offered, then left the compartment with his brothers trailing him.
I stood rooted to the spot for a few minutes staring at the door, then I finally walk to the compartment door and shut it, then take a seat at the window. I liked window seats. I liked watching the world fly past me, and just... sitting away from all of it. When I was in school, I was always the loner, or the one they bullied. I was mercilessly bullied, and the day that man, the one who called himself 'Professor Dumbledore" told me that I was enrolled in this school called 'Hogwarts' I couldn't wait to go. This school would give me a new start. Maybe, this school would even have no bullies.
I stared out of the window and noticed a whole colony of red heads. It looked as though they were a tribe. I grinned at the thought. Among them, I saw the three boys who had helped me, Percy, George and Fred. Their mother reminded me of a humming bird. She looked really jumpy and on top of everything. I watched longingly as she hugged and kissed her sons, as the whistle of the train blew.
How I wish I knew the name of my parents. Professor Dumbledore told me that both my parents were wizards, and that someone called 'Voldemort' had killed them during the 'dark period'. Honestly, half the things he told me confused me. Once in a while, I do get flashes of memories, but none of them made sense. I remembered fire and a lot of screaming. But that didn't tell me who my parents were at all. Professor Dumbledore did tell me that I had a Godfather, someone by the name of Remus Lupin.
Just then, I felt the train rattle to life. I watched as parents waved to their kids aboard the train. Soon, King's Cross station became a blur and my old life was left behind. But the bruises I hid beneath my sleeves would be a constant reminder of how cruel people could be. I was determined to make a new start.

(This part is mostly about her background. Gotta develop the story to be a good one! (: Please be patient! Comment pleasee!)

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