Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 15

im sooooo sorry i havent posted anything so soon...i've been busy and grounded ^.^

but here it is the next chapter! i hope you like it


Chapter 1

pain and comfort

the dimly lit living room cast shadows along its length and i forced myself not to shiver.a mass of scales and muscles moved past my foot and i bit my lip stopping my scream.nagini slithered past me and curled around the base of his masters chair.

Lucius in the corner of the room swallowed nervously his eyes never leaving the snake.i clenched my hands as the dark lords cool voice slithered into my ears."ahhh what a nice surprise it is to have you here.come sit down join me."he calls.i shake my head no and his eyes narrow."sit down now"he body involuntarily moves on its own accord and forces me to sit across from him.

"thats i hear you have quite a gift.a gift i could possibly use if you so not resist me."he says.he stand and approaches me.he touches my soft cheek with his cold long fingers and i cringe in the seat.taking my chin between his thumb and finger and looks me straight in the eye.

images start to swirl past my vision and i feel my restraint and will collapsing.i dig my nails into the chair as images of me and Draco fly in my minds eye.gasping i clutch my chest as he unlocks our gazes.a cruel smile plays across his lips and he turns to Lucius."go get your son.i want to teach him a lesson."he says. Lucius hurriedly leaves the room.

"so you have a true love?you make this fun.lets see how long poor Draco can lat.let me remind you this is a lesson on what will happen if you dont obey me."Draco enters the room and Lucius is nowhere to be found.his eyes lock with mine and in one terrified minute we both share the same panic.

the dark lord raises his wand and pain lances through me.i arch my back and scream.its bone crushing,skin tearing agony.i open my eyes and Draco is standing stiff.his body tense his hands unclench and clench by his sides.the dark lord laughs cruelly next to me.he flicks his wrist and the pain dissapears leaving me gasping and shaking on the ground.

i struggle to stand and almost fall down as my legs are weak.then adrenaline rushes through me and i force myself to stand straight and stare the dark lord in the eyes."you didn't need to do that."i grind out through my teeth."i'll help but you have to give my time."i whisper and limp past Draco and back up the stairs.oh yes i'd help.but not in the way he thinks i will.


i wake up with a scream and darkness surrounds chest is heaving with each breath and im shaking once more.a soft light from the door enters the room as it swings open slowly.the familiar adding of Draco's feet that i heard so many times at hogwarts fills my ears.i sigh and lean back in the pillows as he enters the room.the door shuts enfolding me in darkness and i feel the bed move as he climbs in next to me.

"why did you come?"i whispered into the darkness.his hand slid to mine under the blanket."i heard you scream and I've had enough of hearing you scream."he whispers back.i pull my hand away."i dont need your've caused enough already."i growl.i try to hide the reluctant note in my voice.hes silent for a long moment the moves closer to me and before i can protest he pins me to the bed so that his body presses into mine.he leans down to whisper in my ear."stop lying to yourself.stop pushing me away.i love you.i love you more then you can dont understand how much it hurt to see you like that earlier.please just let me love you."i tried to fight it but i was already caving in.

his sweet scent,his seductive was all to much.a groan escaped my lips a s i battled myself and then i pulled him down to me and his lips moved with mine like they always they were made to fit.i pulled off my shirt and his warm hands were hot against my cool skin."i love you."he whispered between body still ached from earlier but i ignored the pain.

"dont ever leave me."i groaned.he stroked my hair as i sat up leaning against his chest.then the tears came.i wrapped my arms tightly around his waist as he kept one arm locked around mine.his fingers traced up and down the bare skin of my back and i shivered against him.

"i dont know what to lost draco.lost..."i moaned.he kissed my bare shoulder causing my skin to sizzle with pleasure."dont worry just rest.he lay down so that i lay against his chest and my back rested halfway on the bed.his arms locked around my waist and his thumbs traced the skin there.i closed my eyes hoping and wishing i would get out of this nightmare.hoping i could survive this hell that i now lived in...


morning brought with it flurry of movement in the house. Draco had dissapeared and left me in a shell of hopelessness.

heading downstairs she was just in time to hear the front door close.the crackle of the fire turned from a bright green back to a normal gold and scarlet.everyone had just left.footsteps on the staircase made her spin was Draco.

"harry and his friends are on the run.everyones looking for them.the dark lord has just left.hes looking for something.he wont tell anyone but i have a bad feeling your in for it tonight."he says pulling on a jacket.

a shiver runs up my spine and i wrap my arms around myself.the warm sweater around me protects me from the cool house."while their gone i thought i could take you somewhere."he inches closer to close hes pressing me into the table counter behind heart starts its slow climb from normal to racing.i know he can feel it through my shirt.

how can i be with this boy?this boy that watched me be tortured.i pushed him away deftly with one hand and turned my back on him."i cant."i whispered.i could almost feel his emotions coursing through him behind me.i dug my nails deeper into my skin as i forced myself not to turn around.

"i cant believe you!"the anger in his voice surprised me.i had thought he would be sad or sympathetic.i spun around to face him.""i cant believe you'll just sit here and wait for him to do that to you!"he yelled.i shook my head and felt the tears that were falling down my cheeks scatter like little rain drops."i dont know what to do!you brought me into this! take me out!"i yelled through my tears.

he came close to me and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me first i pushed at him but he was to strong and i gave in and rested my head on his chest.i dug my hands into his shirt and he smoothed down my hair."i'll get you out of this.i promise."he crooned.

"now lets go."he whispered.i didn't answer.i didn't care where he took long as i was far from here.he lead me over to the fireplace and the green fire swirled around us and a dizzying lurch made my stomach flip as we dissapeared.


cold night air blew gently against my face.the stars shone grandly down from heaven and a huge meadow spread in front of me.the soft swaying grasses could completely hide you if you layed down.mountains rose high in the sky far in the distance.
"its night here we must be far."i whispered.the dry tears on my cheeks felt wrong and i rubbed at my cheeks. Draco spun me in a circle under the stars."my mother took me here when i was younger.its beautiful isn't it?"he asked.i nodded and he sat down in the grass and dissapeared before me.i sat lightly down next to him.

the only thing visible was the stars and the mountains rising high above the tips of the tall grass. Draco wrapped one arm around me."what am i going to do Draco?'i asked.he looked down at me.his eyes danced with starlight and a wisdom i never noticed before.the young teenager who use to sneak out of his dorm with me had grown up.

he put a finger to my lips."no talking tonight."he whispered.i nodded and leaned against his chest.he combed a hand through my hair and i shivered and nuzzled into his neck.when i looked up to see if he was watching me his lips were on mine.he pulled me up so we were sitting up and i was i his lap.all our feverish desire filled us.we hadn't been like this for filled me and i touched his cheek as his lips found their way down my neck.

gently i pushed him down into the soft grass.the night air was fresh all around us as i stared into his eyes.he smiled and his breathing quickened under me.i brought my lips down on his and he flipped us he looked down on me."i love you forever Anastasia."he whispered...


when i woke up i was in my bed at Dracos.a great commotion downstairs made me leap from the bed.i rushed down the stairs but stopped near the bottom and listened.

"your a disgrace to your family! you are not to help this girl! not to make her happy! and dont even think about marrying her shes the dark lords property."Lucius screamed downstairs.i cringed at the disgust in his voice."Lucius dont be so hard on him hes only a teenager.hes in love."narcissa pleaded downstairs.i could almost feel Lucius giving narcissa a glare of ice.

"maybe father your just mad because your love,life isnt going swell."Draco yelled at his father.their was a silent pause and time seemed to slow.i heard a great sigh and then Lucius said almost to faint for me to hear."you dont understand the dark lord is going to make you kill her or he will kill us all."a gasp escaped my lips and i heard someone heading towards the stairs.

my mind took a second to react and then i stumbled back up the stairs Draco following close behind......TBC


song for this chapter-i have to go return some video tapes-breath Carolina

* authors note:sooo hiii....i am really sorry for the whole not posting anything ): but yay here it is! please tell me what you think and in the next chapter it might be a shocker it might not who knows but maybe you can guess :P*


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