Love at Hogwarts: Year 1 Part 14 ::::; HARRY POTTER

ok soo i will finnish year 1 soon i really want to get to year 2 and three quick!

Chapter 1

ERrie and creepy forests at night

I walk into the forest with harry by my side and the scaredy cat draco behind me. with fang. Honestly i was a little afarid. It was still cold and a slight breeze was going by it smelt like rain. this was making it even creepier.
"Ok you lot go that way" hagrid says obvielsy (sp) talking to us. We walk the other way.WE walk for awhile until we find the unicorn blood drinker guy who has a hood one which again makes him look even creepier.
"Oh my lord" draco says and runs away with fang. I am in shcok of what i am seeing and i cant think i am just frozen. Now i am soooo scared i cant even think nor move neither can harry we are just standing there. I grab harrys hand. I see out of the corner of my eye harry sort of blush. which brings him back to reality.
"Is that you know the unicorn blood sucker" i whisper
"i-i think so" he says back. The hooded figure starts to get up.
"Ah harry!" i say and we start to move back he pulls me behind him. The hooded figure charges towards us. I walk backwards a little still holding harry's hand i step back but trip a tree root. Why do i have to be so clumsy? I fall to my you know bum. Harry looks behind.
"Harry watch out!" i say as the 'thing' comes closer but something stops it. The 'thing' runs away. Harry comes over and helps me up.
"Thanks" i say
"No problem"
"I need to work on not being so clumsy"
"You proberly should" he says with a sort of laugh. I just smile. THen the other thing that made the thing go away comes to us. it has a man torso but a horse body. Ok dragons but now a centaur....all the things i read in fairytales.
"Harry potter, Fiona June i persume" he say. we both nod. (to sume it up again he tells us to be careful and what not) Hagrid finds us
"You two ok" he says
"Ya were fine" harry says back then the centaur leaves. WE walk out of the forest me and harry are still holding hands. Hermione looks at us and we quickly let go.
"So what happened" hermione asks smiling at me. I think i know what she thinks happened but of course it didnt. I tell her what happened.
"ANd that centaur just came and helped you" she says now she is curious.
"Yup" i say as we get back to hagrids hut. We walk back to our dorms to go to bed.
"So harry what do you think?" i say
"I think voldermort is after the stone and we need to find it first" he says looking straight at me
"Tomorrow night"
"WEll i'll be ready!" i say standing up to go to my dorm where hermione already is
"Good Night"
"Night" he says and i close the dorm door. HErmione is stitting on her bed looking at me smiling
"Whats with your face"
"YOu know why?!"
"I dont?"
"You and Harry ..."
"Ohh hermione nothing happened!......."
"You two were holding hands!"
"I got scared and grabed his but he did....."
"Did what!!!??"
"well he uh kinda blushed when i grabed his hand" i say quietly. She just grins.
"I told you!!"
"You tell me everything but i am still not convinced"
"Well I am right!" she says and i throw a pillow at her
"Good noght mione!"
"Night" she says with a kinda happy voice. Huh she might be right but i bring it back to one of my points .....we are only 11!!!!

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