Rare Darling

So I'm going to be writing this with a new user ( Her name is Cassie ) whom I have just become good friends with :) Cassie and I came up with this story and we really hope you enjoy it! And Cassie forgot her password so she's making a new account. Sorry!

This story is about Byanca Morgan, who is forced to move from her beloved town and go to the all boys school that her older brother attends. At first, Byanca tries to lay low but that proves to be a harder task than she ever thought it would.

Chapter 1

Gypsy Girl

by: Jacers__
Fiddling with the small slip of purple paper in my shivering hands, I leaned against the cold, frost-coated window of my step-fathers vehicle. My older brother Alan turned to me then, smiling his goofy smile at me. I could barely force myself to move my lips. Simply, I was just too upset.

"Come on Byanca, I promise this won't be so bad!" Alan assured me and punched my shoulder playfully. "Who knows, maybe you could kick some guy butt with your running and many other athletic skills!"

I snorted and turned away, my black hair falling into my green eyes. Stifling a sigh, I looked back as Alan made pouting noises. "You are such a baby." I replied to his annoying sound.

Scowling, he changed the subject. "What's that in your hand?" I stopped fiddling and mumbled "Nothing."

Alan reached over me greedily just as our step-dad and mom climbed into the van, smiling from ear to ear.

"Are you excited Byanca?" My mother asked me, her shiny black hair tied into a messy bun.

I turned away in silence. I heard her sigh silently before she turned to meet Alan's moss green eyes. "Are you excited to have your sister at school with you?"

Alan laughed, "Sure." I punched him without looking. He started grumbling, rubbing his arm.

"Okay, enough you to. It's time to go." Step-dad said, starting up the dark van. It was when an awkward silence fell that I clumsily unfolded the slip of paper and read it.

Dear Byanca,
I can't believe you are moving away. Please keep in contact with me :) And below is a poem I found that instantly reminded me of you. You're like my sister and you always brightened my day. Never change girly.

I stopped there and smiled slightly. Oh leave it to Jay to write down a poem to remind me of her.

Once upon a time
and as the story goes...
I met a free-spirited Gypsy Girl
Sweeter than any rose

She danced into my life that day
My head was down like rain
She splashed and laughed so joyously
Through the puddles of my pain

Why are you so happy?
When I feel so damn low?
"You're free to dance with me" she said
"No one needs to know!"

I found the courage to stand
And made the choice to dance
Unless I was prepared to change
I didn't stand a chance

She held my hand and helped me up
And showed me her first move
You don't need to start with anything
Just a smile will make you groove

Dancing in the downpour
My face a beaming glow
I turned and found Gypsy Girl
Had changed into a rainbow

Remember rain doesn't last forever
And happiness brings the sun
So dance away your troubles
Till a rainbow has begun

P.s. I didn't write this poem. I found it on the Internet and I really wanted to put in this story...And I haven't figured out who wrote it either...Anyway we hope you like the story so far. :)

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