Love at Hogwarts: Year 1 Part 10::HARRY

so ya here it is ..if you can tell harrys is my favorite! Well ENJOY!

Chapter 1

Quiddish (ifs thats how you spell it)

"Ok theres hermione" i say "Hey Mione" she comes up to us
"Hi" she says ...ron says nothing
"so ron did you want to say something to hermione?" i say nugging ron
"Oh um sorry" he says quietly
"whats that ron" i say nugging him again
"I'm sorry hermione"
"Aplogiy excepted" she says. In a very smarty pants way hermione is soo ..funny when she talks like that!
"Oh look the games starting!" i hear someone scream. We all start cheering as they throw up those funny looking ball things...whatever there called.
(ok i am gonna cut to the point know harry goes after the ball and oliver wood falls..)
I look over at harry and his broom is all flying everywhere trying to shake him off.
"Hermione do you see harrys broom" i say still watching harry
"Oh ya thats werid" she says and studys it for a moment "I-I think someones jinking his broom"
"But who?" i ask as hermione pulls me away towards the sytherine stands.
"snape!" she says "Look at him"
"What are we gonna do?"
"follow me" she says and grabs my wirst. Man hermione has a really tight grip! She drags me over towards where snape is sitting.
"Now what are we just gonna ask 'oh snape can you please stop jinking harry broom' are we crazy ...well actually-" i say being cut off by mione
"No stupid i am going to light his robes on fire" she says
"Ohh good plan i like it" i say giving her a devilish smile. I hate hate hate snape! he is soooo mean!!
"Light him up hermione!" i say
"Incendio!" she says
Then snape starts jumping up and down trying to put out the fire
"Take that!" i say a little too loud. Hermione grabs me and pulls me down right before snape turns around
"Thanks" i say
" now lets go watch the game!" we go and run up to the end of the stands. Harry is still trying to get on his broom.
"Come on Harry!" i scream. Then he gets back on the broom and the snitch flys by. Me and mione were jumping up and down we were both frezzing to death. I look up and harry starts falling but where the heck is the snitch?
"Oh no" i say covering my eyes
"Look!" hermione

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