Jonas Summer

Jonas Summer

Hi! it's my new story (Jonas Summer) it's about 3 sisters going to California in the Summer. hope you like it =)) there names are (Ingie) (Diana) and (Karma)

Chapter 1

Hello Cali!

Ingie:DIANA!!!god how time do you need to pick a simple pair of jeans and pack a couple tubes of lip glosse?

Diana:well some people actually care about how there gonna look if the are going to spend the wole summer in Baverly Hills.

Karma:do u know how many hot guys there are in Cali?

Ingie:Cali?! Diana:thats her way of saying California for short Ingie:you girls are the weirdiest sisters ever! Diana&Karma:WE KNOW!!! (they all laugh)*************Later************************
Dad:it's about time girls go down here your gonna miss your flight and i'm sure you don't wanna be stuck with me and your mother the wole summer!
Diana:we sure don't Ingie:agreed Karma:definatly

IN THE AIR PORT; Diana spotted a cute guy coming her way in the airport cute guy;Hi! Diana:hey! cute guy:umm......i was kinda talking to her he pointed to Ingie Ingie:Me?! Cute guy:yeah!i was wondering if i could get your number (he say with a wink) Ingie:sorryshe walk off i don't interact with airport stalker. Karma:OHH!!BURN!!! (cute guy walked off in humiliation without saying a word) Diana:that was rude of you! Ingie:whats rude is some guy stalking me in the airport that i don't know and ask for my number. Diana;BUT HE'S HOT!! (i hope you were talking about me) you heard someone say (UMM WHO IS HE?? SORRY IT'S SHORT)

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