Info about the boys in my Who would fall for you story

Info about the boys in my Who would fall for you story

so i thought 2 make this 2 give u the readers that i love u so much thanks 4 reading my story always,some info about each guy that u might like hope u like it


Chapter 1

Jonah the fallen angel




Features:Silver hair,silver eyes,tall,muscled body,white wings(each one 2 meters long)

Powers/Abilities:As an angel he knows how to use white magic,but when he turned into a fallen angel he learned how to use black magic as well.He was forced actually coz his powers came to him by their own.

Likes:action movies,funny movies,action series,peace,quiet,sweets,music he listens 2 all kinds of music but depends on his mood 2.

Hates:noise,2 much crowd,people bothering him too much or for nothing,strong smells he gets dizzy.

Hobbys:listening music,writing sometimes depends on him mood as well,playing clasic quitar,flying,reading,spenting as much time as he can with people he likes,cares,loves,playing video games,washing,cleaning,taking care of his car like every man,runing,exercising,watching t.v sports and much more..

Few things about him:Jonah is a fallen angel (no duhh),his a kind,caring person,shy sometimes but he can be very outgoing and funny,nice to hang out with.He was born 4-5 years b4 you in my story.As a child,Jonah was kind,quiet and very good kid.B4 ur Uncle declared war against ur parents u were always close,with him and the other guys.Jonahs parents were angels,very close friends with ur parents,they also fought to protect you and their son but they died.Jonah did not watched his parents death,but sworn revenge.Together Jonah and Nathan who were the oldest took care of the rest of the boys.Jonah was born as an angel,but 3 years ago,at the same house you live in they were attacked by some of your Uncles soldiers.Jonah was 17-18 but very well trained,he fought bravely and managed to kill 1 of the bad guys,but the superior angels and leaders punished him coz he didn't have orders to do that.He fell.Devastated,he shut himself,and sat watching along his transformation.Eventually he let it behind when he felt that it was time.All these years he couldn't forget you,or the promise he gave to your parents,he wanted to come and take you earlier but he knew it wasent the time,so he waited patiently.When he first saw you in the club,he couldn't take his eyes from you.He couldn't believe how much you changed,how beautifull you became,so much like your mother.You were nothing like that little girl he met,he played with and that little girl that he sworn to protect,to fight next to her and always be with her till the end.

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