Everyone has that special someone out there...

Just something I wrote for English one day...

Chapter 1

In the beginning...

The sand felt soft between my toes. The air tasted of salt. In a distance, the Hawaiian sun was setting. Shadows of coconut trees cast around my Aunt’s beachfront house. The waves crashed constantly into the shore; some locals who were still out, surfed the waves.
“Honey, dinner!” my mother called from the deck of Aunt Viv’s dream home. Taking in the last of the magnificent sight, I silently turned, and headed towards my mother, leaving nothing but footprints in the sand.
That night after dinner, I lay in bed unable to sleep, thinking. It had been a week into our vacation, and my brothers, Jason and Raphael, were already in their holiday mood. They practically played from dawn to dusk.
What about me? Well, I had spent most of my time hidden away in Aunt Viv’s study, or at my favourite flat rock on the beach. Everywhere I went, I carried along my journal, in which, I could not stop scribbling in. I did not know why I was even here on this beautiful island.
I longed to return home. Before we had come to this paradise island, I spent countless hours of each day sitting by my best friend’s grave, talking to her. I just could not comprehend the fact that she was gone. The shock I had felt then still flows through my veins.
A few days went by, and things had not picked up. That was when my mother finally decided to talk to me. It had not been a conducive talk, for I started crying once she mentioned my best friend. Before had she left me to my writing, she made me promise her that I would attend the next Luau. The moment I had agreed to it, I had felt as though I had made a big mistake.
The night of the Luau had arrived. Coincidentally, it had fallen on the day before my birthday. Sulky faced, I had let my mother dress me as she pleased. Clothed in my swimsuit, with a sea green pareo over it, I grabbed my journal and followed my mother to the Luau.
I lost sight of my mother in the sea of jolly people. Unsure of what I was supposed to do next, I let the crowd lead me further and further away from where I had come from.
It was a clear, cloudless night. The wind was blowing just enough, to keep you cool. If I had not been so pessimistic, I would have probably called it a perfect night.
Eventually, I had found a quiet spot near a coconut tree that had a very huge trunk. I was thankful that the Luau was at the same beach I had spent most of my time gazing out at. I leaned my back on the tree, and opened my journal.
In a distance, I noticed a boy watching me. Fear squeezed my heart. I felt my heart beat a little faster than normal. He caught my gaze. Our eyes locked for a full minute, before I chickened out and looked away. I stole a glance at him, and found that he was still watching me. He was tall and lean with rippling muscles. He hid his of soft brown eyes behind a pair of spectacles. His brown shaggy hair ruffled in the wind. I felt a deep blush creep down my neck.
Without further hesitation, he cautiously approached me. My fingers had started trembling, my heart beating like the wings of a humming bird.
“Aloha” he greets me with a smile. Impulsively, I turned and sprinted away, unaware of the paper that had fallen out of my journal.
The wind blew through my wavy hair as I headed towards my flat rock. My bare feet slipped on the tiny sand dunes of the beach. When I finally stopped, I noticed the sound of the Hawaiian wind blowing through the starry night. Slowly, I sat down on the rock and stared into the sea. I heaved a sigh and realised that it was my birthday. I closed my eyes and made a wish.
As I opened my eyes, I found a shadow cast over me. I looked over my shoulder, and saw the boy from the Luau. He watched my face, as he slowly approached me and sat next to me. Holding out the paper, one of my earliest works, he grinned and said he fell in love with the writer. I held back a smile, and slowly reached for the paper. I pointed to the pendent he was wearing and asked him what it symbolised.
“The circle of life” he answered staring into my eyes. In that instant, I knew that love had found me.


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