this was a story from when i was younger, i used to play imaginary games and this one was my favorite, after i had watched the Pirates of the Carribean movie i was hooked on pirates.

Chapter 1

Below Deck

This pirate ship was all mine. I found it and well, it's mine. My name is.... well i dont know what my name is but i call myself Pawpet, im only ten but I'm the best Pirate to ever sail the seven seas. My parents died when i was small and i dont have anyone else. Since I dont have anybody to look after me, i guess im an orphan. I ran away from the orphanage when i was six, i hated it there always having to do stuff like cleaning up my room. When i was seven i found this pirate ship, it's still usable, undamaged, in this bay hidden by trees and overgrown with vines. And now over the years i had cleaned it up and used it as my playground. Today was no different. I had gone down to the crew's quarters pretending to be a stow away amid all the rubble in the Galley. Then battling off an entire fleet of pirates with my trusty sword, which was really a stick with some fabric on the end, i took command of the ship. We would sail the whole world but... oh no! It's the British navy!
"Fire the cannons!" and BOOM a hoard of cannonballs shot into my enemies ship's side. "We're hit!" scrambling below the deck i ran to get something to patch up the hole when i heard something it made me stop my game. Boots, tramping stomping boots, on my ship's deck. There were more softer treads it sounded as if a whole party of people came onto the boat.
"We've been boarded" i whispered a bit fearful but hoping it was only my imagination. I could hear someones voice it was a man, he sounded British but with an unrefined accent. Could it really be a pirate? Running into one of the barrels i hid in at the beginning of my stowaway game, i covered the top and peeked out from the hole in its side. Please dont let it be someone from the orphanage i cant go back!
An ugly shabby figure appeared in the doorway to the lower decks, where i waited. Blonde scraggly hair, layers of ragged jackets and shirts each with a hole in them, coal stained hands with a face to match, snaggy and yellowed teeth lines his mouth, grime covered his shoeless feet, and skinny as a pole. He called out to another. "Get down here and help me! you bilge rat"
Another appeared in the doorway "I'm coming" he growled. he was fat with the same ragged attire and appreance.
They began to turn over everything looking for any signs of rats, food, supplies, and people, that included me. I was afraid when they reached the pile of barrels, they opened each one slowly making their way towards mine. I held my breath hoping they would find me, who knows what they would do. Maybe they would hold me for ransom, or send me to the orphanage, or leave me stranded on an island, or worse they could take my ship! my heart beat faster and faster as they tossed empty barrels aside till i heard a scratching at the cover of mine as the skinny one started to inch off the cover.

"Well, look what we got 'ere." He said glaring down at me with a smirk.


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