Angels and Demons Shouldn't Love Each Other

new story.the character and info is there before the story so please check that out for me please...

Chapter 4

Can You Just Quit Playing Games

But the laughing had to stop and we had to get to work on finding Ruby and getting Cici back.i wish the biitch would just quit playing games with was sorta fun at first but now it's just getting annoying.

i needed a clever plan...but where can i get one? i thought to myself

then Dean and his brother Sam walked in the lab saying: "we may have a clever plan"

that's's like they knew what i thought

"can you share with me? i mean it's got to be good to get Ruby"
"trust me, this plan will work out.but you may not like it"
"what do you mean?"

then Sam and Dean went into the plan.

"i'll have to wear WHAT?!?!?"
"i knew you wouldn't take it well"
"whatever, if it gets me closer to Ruby then i'll do it"
"looks like we get to see Kaila in a dress" Dean said
"keep up like that, and you won't have your little "friend"
"oooooo, she got you!" Sierra said

~Later On My "Date" With Dean~

i was waiting on Dean.i swear if he drops the plan last minute, i'll kill him. but i'm sure the devil is done did that, so maybe it will be easy doing that.then Dean walked in and he stopped and gawked at me.

"quit your gawking, i know i look good in this dress" i said while stuffing pocket knife in my bra
"what do you plan on doing with that?"
"in case for demons and stuff"
"ohhh right"

then me and Dean left.once we got to the resturant, i could feel that something was up.i bet Dean could feel it to.

"do you feel that?" Dean asked
"yeah, i hope you brought some kind of weapon"
"you didn't, did you?"
"well there's stuff in the glovebox"

Dean opened my glovebox and the look that came on his face was priceless.

"you keep all THIS! in here?"
"yupp, now grab something and let's go!"

Dean grabbed a hunting knife and we walked in.

"reservations for 2, Winchester" Dean said
"ok, i'll lead the way to your table"

once we got situated, i began scope around.then a waiter came out and took our orders.there was something about her that rubbed me the wrong way.when we walked away, i saw her eyes turn a golden color.

"Dean, she's a demon!"
"how do you know?"
"the way her eyes turned a gold color! i can't just stab her here! there is to many people around"
"how about this, we get her alone after her shift" Dean said
"my god, dean that is the smartest thing i've ever heard you say"

then that same girl came to our table.then Dean looked at me and then back to her.

"say can we meet after your shift?"
"sure, as along as she isn't there" she said referring to me
"yea, she won't be with us"
"ok. here's my numer hot stuff"

i waited for her to get back into the kitchen.then i began to softly yell at Dean.

"really? i'm gonna be right there to kill her!"
"why do you get to do all the killing?"
"cause i know how not to leave a mess behind unlike you"

Dean opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

"yeah that's what i thought! now let's get this plan in action"

we headed out and i got in place.i'd be behind the dumpsters and Dean will be by my car.then i spot this chick walking over to Dean.i "evesdropped" on there conversation.

"hey you"
"hey, i never got you name"
"crystal, you?"
"say let's have fun"
"what kind- ohhh that kinda fun"

oh hell no! this biitch isn't gonna fvck my man! i thought to myself.i took off my shoes and grabbed the pocket knife out my bra and began fast walking over to Dean and Crystal.the biitch didn't know what was comming to her.i opened the door and grabed her by the hair and shanked her in the chest.then she turned to ash.

"thank you for saving me"
"well, i didn't want that dumb h0e fvcking my man"
"oh so i'm your man now?"
"yes, no, i don't know. i got jealous ok"
"oh, you don't look like the jealous type"
"it only happens when i like someone"
"you like me?"
"maybe i do, maybe i don't"
"so that's a yes?"
"i don't know, but let's make a use of this" i say while hold a c0nd0m

do i need to go into details what me and Dean did? all im gonna say was that we did some adult things in my backseat of my car.....TBC

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