Angels and Demons Shouldn't Love Each Other

new story.the character and info is there before the story so please check that out for me please...

Chapter 3

Family Reuion...NOT!

I was sitting at the Lab with Sierra,Dean, and Sam when my phone began to ring.i anwsered it imdiately, it was like i knew i was getting a call from someone important.

"Help me please Kai, pleaseee helpp mee before she kills me"
"who? Cici, who?"
"R- Don't anwser that biitch"
"Ruby, when i get my hands on you i'll-"
"or else you'll do what?"
"i will kill you for taking it this far! i know you had something to do with killing my parents"
"oooo you're clever, but she'll be dead before you even find me"
"oh fvck you Ruby"

she hung before i could say anything more.i was so pissed, i threw my phone across the broke on impact.yes, i did have anger issues.will i go to anger management? hell no that never works or so i was told.

"woah, have you considered anger mangement?" Dean asked
"no, i won't do that! it never works. we got to get her before she kills Cici"
"who's Cici?" Dean asked
"she's my only cousin that i know is alive...i hope"

i got in my car and headed to the first place i knew she'd be.once i got the the warehouse, i parked my car in the parking space and i got out of my car and went to the trunk of the car.i grabbed my 22 calliber,a can of mase,a tazer, and a knife.most of my weapons i had on me, we melee.meaning, hand-to-hand fighting in a pitched battle.i was half way to the door, when Dean's car came by me.

"Are you crazy? Ruby can kill you!" Dean yelled
"so, at least i died trying"
"But you're gonna need help! this is a big ware house" Sam said
"Yeah, so park the hunk of junk and come on!"

We walked in as quite as we could, but Dean was dragging his feet.

"Dean, hun, do me a favor"
"yes babe?"
"don't drag your fvcking feet aznd don't call me babe"
"shh! guys do you hear that?" Sam

all we heared was mumbling i followed this noise and found a hall with at least 50 to 100 doors.

"fvck, this biitch is got to be serious!" i mumbled to myself

then Dean and Sam walked up behind me.

"look this Biitch is gotta be here. if we slipt up, we can try to find her"
"but theres a lot of doors!!!" Dean complained
"quit your damn complaining, and get serching Dean"

we broke out and began serching.i was watching my back.knowing Ruby can just randomly pop out of nowhere.then that noise we heard earlier, i heard it i walk slowly to it and noticed it was behind the door.i kicked the door was of course dark as all get out.i walked around til i bumped into was chair, i felt around and there was a body in the being me, i got sort of excited to see my cousin,but turns out that it was just a stuffed body figure.then lights flickered on.i looked around the room and saw a note.

HA! i knew you was gonna come i took your sweet,cute, and innocent cousin somewhere else. oh and by the way, i know you're reading this right now, so by the time you actually find me, she'll be dead. so don't even try finding me...

"FVCK!" i screamed

then Dean and Sam came rushing in.

"What's wrong?"
"that stupid biitch isn't here! i can't believe i let her slip AGAIN!!"
"we'll get her next time" Sam said
"we better, or my foot is going in both ya'll's azzes"

i walked out the room and out the warehouse and into my car.i sat there for a few minutes to let the anger out.knowing me, i'd probably get into a car accident even though there is no cars on the street.

~At The Lab~

i walked in and Sierra looked at me and said: "i'd take it that you didn't get her?"
"fvck no! i swear if that biitch kills the only cousin i have, i'll kill her and send her to hell"
"you know, before you left to go kill Ruby, when Dean said something anger mangement, i think you should"
"no, no and NO!"
"ok, just sayin'"
"i'm smorry for snapping on you Sierra, it's just i really want this bittch dead for what she's done"
"apology accepted and i know"

then we got to talking about good times we had with each other.and trust me, laughter was what i needed to calm down....TBC

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