Angels and Demons Shouldn't Love Each Other

new story.the character and info is there before the story so please check that out for me please...

Chapter 2

Life Hurts without A Mom and a Dad

I was driving down the road at 65 speed limit through here was, 50 but i didn't see any cop or anybody, so i picked up my speed.then all of a sudden, i see red and blue the natural thing to do is pull over, so i 6th sense was telling me, that this police offier was a demon, so i got my gun ready.the cop came to the window...

"Licence and registration please"

i pretened to grab my License and Registration, instead i shot the cop right between the eyes and he burn to ashes.

"stupid son a biitch" i mumbled

then my phone rang.i looked at the i.d. and it was Sierra.

"did you get her?"
"fvck no! she slips through my fingers like butter!"
"calm down, we'll get her"
"no, i'll get her myself even if it kills me! that no good wh0re had something do to with killing my parents"
"just come back to the lab and we'll figure something out"
"ok i'm on my way" i say while getting back in my car

~At The Lab~

i got there and see someone i kinda didn't want to see.that pig Dean and brother Sam.i looked at them to Sierra.

"Why didn't you tell me they was here?"
"there gonna help you find Ruby"
"woah did you just say Ruby?" Sam
"i believe she just did"
"how did Ruby have something to do with your parents death?" Dean asked

i say down and began how my parents were killed...


it was just a normal day Friday night at the Barndale household(note: it's Friday the 13t) i was in the living room coloring with my brother and mom was in the kitchen washing dishes from dinner and dad was watching the football game. my mom is an angel and my dad was a demon.normally a Angel and a Demon can't love each other, but that didn't stop my mom and dad, cause they had me and my brother. it's even the rules that a angel and demon can't love each other. one night, a bunch, i'd say maybe a dozen demons showed up at the house. i remember dad telling me and my brother "go hide somewhere". i hid in the closet in my room and my brother hid underneath my bed. next thing we know, we hear my mom scream in pain. then a girl, who i assume at that age was the biitch in charge, came in my room. i steadied my breathing so the girl didn't know i was there. but then the woman took my brother from out from underneath the bed. i waited a whole hour before i went to check if the close was clear. it was, but i saw my mom and dad's dead body. i'll forever be traumatized by the sight of my parents dead body...

end of flashback

Dean and Sam sat there in shock.then Sam asked: "How old were you again?"
"do you know where your brother is?" Sam asked
"no, once they took him, they took him and i haven't seen him since"
"who did you live with after that?" Dean asked
"i lived with my aunt and uncle"
"so you decided to become a demon and spirit hunter after that?"
"oh yeah, there's a lot of thing you boys don't know about me"
"kinky" Dean said with a smirk on his face
"wipe that grin your you pig"

it was quiet for a few minutes.then Sierra said: "sooo, are they gonna help?"
"fine, but when we get that biitch cornered, i'll kill her got it? i wanna make that biitch burn in hell for what she's done!"

then we got to planning it out.the plan was Sam and Dean was gonna loure her out into the open and i'll come from behind and slit her throat and rip off her body parts one by one and burn them in the fire(yes like they do to vampire in twilight).so all we can do now is find here she is and go from there......TBC

well whatcha think? please message me letting me know what you think.and i'd deeply appreciate if you told your friends bout' my storystories.i want knew people to read my material./ i'm not being bossy or pushy, i just want views and comment, you know? but anyway there is 16 12 days of shcool left so i'll be posting more./ but then again i should't say that. why? cause i'm going to summer school for oral com. and civics so that way i don't have to do them during the year and i'll have more time to do a fun class. sooo

p.s. enjoy the cute picture of puss' n boots from shrek 2 :)

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