Angels and Demons Shouldn't Love Each Other

new story.the character and info is there before the story so please check that out for me please...

Chapter 1

A Hunt For a Woman

Name: Kaila Ann Barndale (kai-la)
Age: 23
Hair: Black
Eyes: i'm not sure?
From: small town in Georgia
Occupation: hunts Demons and Spirtis

Sam is on the left and Dean is on the right :)

I was speeding down the road.i was incredibley fustated that i let that biitch slip.i knew Ruby had something to do with my parents dieing.i was gonna kill her even if it meant kill me in the process.while i speading down the road i see was in the middle of the road, so i slowed i apporached the car, i honked my horn.

"come on, today not tomorrow!!" i yell

but i had this feeling that someone was creaping on to me.i grabed my 25 calliber(it's a gun for those who didn't know) cocked it back.then a guy scared me...

"Woah pull a gun on me? that's incredibly rude" the stranger said

i set aisde my gun and got out of my car.

"can you move that slug of a car of yours? it's kinda sorta in my way"
"maybe i will, maybe i won't"
"you know my gun is right there, i just reach on in my car and bust a cap in your head"
"ooo fietsy, i like it"
"uhhh you're a pig!"
"DEAN, come on i'm don- who are you?"
"Kaila, who?"
"Sam and this is my brother who is a pig, Dean"
"nice to meet you"

i sighed.

"what's wrong?" Sam asked
"it's just i'm trying my damnest to kill this hoebag that had something to do with the death of my parents and i let her slip through my fingers.she's like butter!"
"who is she?" Dean asked
"is that your business?"
"who? maybe we can help" Sam said
"i can handle this myself, can you move your car so i can continue on my hunt?"
"sure, come on Dean"

i saw Sam walk to the car, while his brother, Dean, staied back and he said: "will i ever see you again?"
"oh yeah, trust me you will" i say while driving off

Dean's Pov

"Will i ever see you again?"
"oh yeah, trust me you will"

i wonder what she meant by that.i got in the car and Sam asked: "you okay? you seem...out of it"
"yea, i'm's just i asked her i'll ever see again"
"she said "oh yeah, trust me you will"
"maybe we'll see her again" Sam said
"i hope so, she was kinda cute" i say while driving off


Well that's my first chapter of my new story....i hope you like it.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me feed back.if you don't like it message me and tell me what i can fix, i just want people to read my material....

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