Demons and Love Just Don't Go Together (SLS) (Dean)

This ones deans! (:

Chapter 1

Difficulty seeing.

by: Tease_
I was at the mall for some random things and clothes. I just turned 22, my blonde hair flowing to mid back and my deep brown eyes looking contently at this new dress I was picking out. I looked in the mirror and held it in front of me. I seen my freckles spread just below my eyes and across my nose and my rosy cheeks get even rosier when I seen the reflection of two very cute men. I looked to the floor and dropped my dress in the cart and moved along eying the guys all the way down to the jeans isle. I looked from behind the racks and they were walking toward me. I just kept looking through the rack trying to find a cute pair. I was getting into it when I heard someone clear their throat. I turned around and smiled.
"Hello do you need help?" I asked
"Do you work here?" The one with longer hair said to me.
"No I just know the store pretty well, Why?"
"I'm Sam Winchester and this is my brother, Dean" Sam said, Dean was so cute!
"I'm Katie Lynn." I smiled
"How touching were bonding" Dean said snottily.A bad boy? I thought.
Sam rolled his blue eyes.
"Do you know about the bug infestations lately?"
"Bug infestations? Never heard of them."
"Hm weird" Sam said.
"Yeah I suppose, so what are you guys doing here?" I asked
"Were exterminators" Sam said.
"Unlikely" I told them. I was always suspicious of people no matter who they were
"Really we are"
"I highly doubt that but whatever makes you sleep at night" I smiled
"What makes you sleep at night?" Dean butted in.
"Well I don't know I just fall asleep."
"Well we can't without holy water by our sides, or something keeping us safe" Dean said
I tilted my head like a confused dog
"What do you mean?" I asked
"Dean shut up" Sam said
My brown eyes widened
"I want to know" I whispered
Dean laughed
"You don't even know us."
I shook my head "So?!"
"So if we tell you your as good as dead, unless you learn to fight" Dean said
"Are you in a gang?" I asked shockingly
"Typical response" Dean said
"No were not in a gang were..." Sam said scratching the back of his neck
"Were Demon hunters, there straight forward" Dean said
"I believe it" I told them nodding my head
They looked taken aback.
"Really?" Dean asked uncertain
"well yeah, my brothers were dragged under by something when I was young"
"I think we solved that case not to long ago"
"Good, that demon deserved to leave earth"
They both nodded.
"Do you know anything about the bugs or whatever?" Dean asked
"Well I know that there is a curse on this land, it's an old indian curse, I'm not quite sure about the whole story but it's something about nature doing it's job after the chief was gone, how nature would keep Settlers from that land."
"Bugs sound like nature to me" Dean said
"Lets hit the road" Sam said.
"Could I come with?" Sam and Dean looked at each other Sam looked all for it, Dean looked hesitant to say the least.
"Uh yeah, but it could be dangerous" Sam said, Dean looked at him out of the corner of the eye
"I'm ready." I said confidently.
"You obviously have difficulty seeing what we go through" Dean said.
"You guys can train me I could be a backup or something." I said.
"Your a girl" Dean said
"And your a guy? Does gender really matter?" Dean started to bite his cheek.
"Alright lets just go." Sam said. I nodded and left the cart behind to follow the guys. I got into the back of they're black 1967 Chevy Impala. It was an amazing car. Dean got on the drivers side, I was behind him. And Sam got in the passenger side.
"So how do you guys live like this day after day?" I asked
"It's our mission to save people, you see, we do it because it's our destiny and that's how we'll die." Dean explained, I became sad when he said that I didn't know why but there was a certain attraction between him and I.
"How do you know you'll die like this?"
"They're is to much evil in the world to just stop doing what we do"
"Don't you guys want to fall in love?"
"Well yeah, we all do but our job comes first" Sam said
I nodded my head
"sounds like a blast" I whispered Dean laughed
"Sometimes, in the right company" I seen him wink at me in the mirror.
I laughed. And Sam shook his head.
RATE COMMENT FAV?! I Had a LOT of fun making this I hope you enjoyed it (:


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