Could have grown to be a rose

Could have grown to be a rose

:) a poem i found when i was in middle school ;) tough times

Chapter 1

A small seed in a world of beautiful flowers

What is a rose without any petals?
Coud it still be beautiful like before?
Woud it even be alive anymore?
I wanted to bloom to the fullest
But i lost the ability to live anymore
I wanted to grow to reach for what i dream
But i can't even reach for the sky
I can't grow without proper care and attention
I can't live or go on without love
I'm just a dead seed now
With no water or sun
No one would even notice me gone
I'm just one dead seed from other billions of flowers
I can be easily forgotten and replaced
You cry, when i could have used those tears for water
You pray, when i could have used that as my sunlight
Though i'm dead, i'm not dead but asleep
My lost petals are still out there giving a memory and contining of me while i'm gone......


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