Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 14

next chapter!!! i really love writing this story but i think i could write better maybe put more expression in it...


Chapter 1

You taste delicious...

all my muscles creamed at me to run.i could feel them coil and twist as i darted forward and around a wall before Draco even noticed."get her!'Bellatrix screeched from somewhere behind me and panicked i almost tripped but caught myself and managed to hide in a nearby bathroom.not noticing a broke piece of metal laying on the ground i sliced open my wrist.blood welled up through the cut.i cursed under my breath and leaned against the wall breathing hard.i wrapped other hand tightly around my wrist feeling the warm sticky blood underneath start to seep through the gaps in my fingers.

footsteps outside the bathroom made my mid reel.i had to think fast.i kicked open a stall and jumped up onto the toilet making sure my feet were unseen.footsteps echoed through the bathroom and i was sure Draco could hear my heart pounding a mile away.

the stall door swung open and Draco stood framed in the doorway.our eyes met and i jumped off the toilet seat knowing their was no possible way of escape.his eyes bored into mine."i didn't want any of this."he said almost weeping.i snarled and pushed past him my temper flaring,my hope gone."dont bother."i said.fenrir came into the bathroom his shoulders barely making it through the door.

his low voice was raspy."next time you try to escape i'll eat you alive."my heart skipped a beat but i held his gray stare my chin high."you can try."i growled at him as he caught my arm.i saw a flash of respect cross Draco's features which twisted to pain when i winced at my whole arm was stinging and when i pulled my hand away it was scarlet with the crimson liquid.fenrir inhaled the air and looked down at me his eyes almost going black like a sharks.

i stiffened and tried to pull my arm away as he marched me through the hallway.he let go of my blood had stained his hand and he down at it as we my shock he lifted his hand to his mouth and licked it.i shuddered and Draco almost puked.a purr almost rose from fenrirs throat."you taste delicious i cant wait till after the dark lords finished with you."he said licking his lips .

a shudder passed through me. Bellatrix strode over to us from the end of the hall."knock her out we dont need her trying to escape again."she ordered fenrir.he nodded and raised his hand behind my head.knowing what was coming i could only lock eyes with Draco before my world tumbled into darkness.

*************************Draco's P.O.V

her startling green eyes locked with mine.she tried to hide the hurt swirling there and replace it with a burning hatred but she was never good at hiding her feelings.fenrirs hand connected with the back of her skull with a thud and she went limp in his arms.he picked up her weight as if she was light as a feather and slung her over his shoulder.

Bellatrix giggled behind me hysterically."Draco, you should really pick better girl friends."she said and continued her rampage through the hall ahead of me while i fought my rising panic and unrealistic pain that coursed through my heart like poison.

******************Anastasia's P.O.V

a dull throb collided with my skull and i fought to open my eyelids.sluggishly they opened rewarding me with the sight of a crimson canopy above my head. panicking i sat up quickly and a searing hot pain shot through me.i cried out and dug my nails into the soft mattress underneath me.that only caused pain to race down my arm.i looked down gritting my teeth with pain.there was a bandage wrapped around the cut on my forearm.

the door at the front of the room opened slowly only a crack. Draco slipped in the doorway and closed it behind him.ignoring the pain at sudden movements, i crawled back till my back hit the backboards cold wood."that must hurt like h-ell so why are you doing it?'Draco asked.i clenched my teeth together and a coppery taste entered my dry mouth.

"why should you care?'i said and dug my nails deeper into the bed.more pain.i tried to hide the little gasp of noise i made as i was struck by a moment of vertigo and extreme fiery pain. Draco headed over to the left side of the bed.i held back the tears in my eyes as he leaned forward and grabbed my injured weak to struggle i watched him pull away the bandages leaving a gaping cut down my arm.i looked away sickened.

it felt like liquid fire was being bored into my blood stream and i looked quickly at Draco.he was pouring something on the cut.his grip was like iron as i fought to pull my arm away as the fire grew hotter.a scream tore from my throat that turned into coughs and sobs as the fire receded leaving a ice cold.the cut had healed completely over and the skin was pink and tender.the only thing left was a silvery red scar.i tucked my arm against my chest."better?'Draco asked turning away from me.

i didn't answer.without turning around he said."the dark lord needs you down stairs i advise you to not taunt fate Anastasia."he whispered then added."and i never wanted any of this remember that."he finished and closed the door behind skin crawled with fear and i slid out of the bed.facing the dark lord seemed horrible but i puffed out my chest and raised my chin trying to look confident and opened the door to the dark hallway.....TBC


AUTHORS NOTE: whats gonna happen next? not sure do you know?hahaha i hope you enjoyed it im here to write for your entertainment lol.comment on what you think i could work on and stuff.please read my other story wonderland(Alice in wonderland twisted) PLEASE! i decided to do something different and i really want to know what you guys think about it! i need 7 comments for the next one...yes you heard me right may seem like alot but i need to know people like and read these stories to continue! thanks for you guys!!!


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