Strange Bond

Strange Bond

Okay this is a sort of spin off from The Rory Story,this is based in Rory's old posh private school.Their is a little reference to Rory,but you don't really need to have read The Rory Story to read this.
This focuses around Zak Tyler,a young boy who lives in a childrens home and now attends this crazy school.He learns to fit into this new enviroment and finds a connection between himself and the ultra popular Zoey Taylor....
Love You!

Chapter 1

Life on the otherside of town

by: HariDeen
It was my first day at this new school.Moving from one side of town to another wasn't always easy.New house,new foster parents,new school,new people.Great.Not only was life getting worse,but i had to start a new school with a second-hand uniform!I had on my tatty blazer,tied my trainers,grabbed my Just Do It bag and left this place i had to call 'home'.
I waited at the bus-stop.Jane and Henry talked me through bus-routes whilst my 'brothers and sisters' exchanged horror-storys about Riverdale Prep.
I knew i had got to the right place.I saw a whole load of kids in the same uniform,but newer than mine.All chatting and laughing.Jane packed me some food and gave me some money.She was a nice lady,unlike the other foster-mums she actually gave a d@mn.
Starting a new school was hard enough,but starting one in yr10 was harder.I walked through the school like everyone else,but instead of to class i had to go to the office.
"Ah!You must be Zak Tyler?"asked the women at the desk.
"Well here's your timetable.Your first class is down the hall.Your locker is number 224"The women said handing my timetable and keys.
"Thanks."I mumbled,walking out the door.
I found my locker eaisly,unlike most schools my locker wasn't bare.
Welcome ZAK TYLERread a note,a copy of my timetable was stuck in there.A whole load of books were stacked with a sticker with my name on it.
My first lesson was science,so i grabbed my books and went down the hall.My mobile bleeped.I took it out,i had a message.It was from Ella,my kinda girlfriend from my old school.I was to busy reading my messages to notice the slippery floor and the girl right outside the door.I went straight into her.
I slipped and landed on my butt.Books flying.Even better!Not even the first lesson and i've slipped up!
"Are you okay?"She asked,offereing me a hand up.
Once i had a proper look at her i realised she was the most beuatiful girl i've seen!

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