Never meant to be love story! (part 3)

Never meant to be love story! (part 3)

Here is where the first interaction with everyones gonna be!!! im excited and have soo many ideas!!! im typing up a storm!!!1 Coment!!!! THeres alot of things going on at once and i was really tired bc i wrote this at midnight soooo there might be some mistakes.. js...Anyway Enjoy and comment ideas!!!!!!

Chapter 1

Kings Cross Station

Arrianna's POV
We arrived at Kings Cross Station and were amazed that the station had 9 three-quarters platform. Well, as we went from platform to plat form we became more and more confused. IT went right from platform 9 to platform 10. There wasnt a a three quarters!! We went up to a station employee. HE was a short balding man with a long pionty nose that he stuck high in the air.
"Excuse me Sir, could you please tell us where platform 9 and three-quarters is?" I asked with the sweetest smile i could make.

" Well, I dont know why in my bewilderment that you would be asking for platform 9 and three-quarters! It goes directly from 9 to 10! nothing in between! What a stuuuuuuupid question!" the employee said in a very nasily voice and strutted away without looking back.
" Its people like that make me question why im a vegitearin vampire!" Dad growled. " he thinks he could just talk like that to my daughter and get away with it!? i dont think so!" Dad started to walk fast at the employee.
"Emmet calm down!"Mom shrieked at him. Will and I ran towards dad.slow enough not to draw anyy attention but fast enough to cacth dad before he did any damage. With our combined newborn strength we stopped dad from his rage and brought him back to the others. Thank You newborn strength!!!

Wills POV

Right after Uncle Emmet calmed down,with the help from dad, i noticed that alot of kids with weird things started to flood into the station and were walking to diffrent wall breaks. Thats when i saw her. The girl with the flaming hair from the ice cream shop. SHe was with the 3 other wizards from the shop too. Also by her side were 2 older twin boys with red hair, obviously her brothers. And a shorter woman with a man and another son that was wearing some sort of badge very proudly.
" Hey," I suggested," Why dont we ask them how to get to the platform?" I pointed to the girl and her family. They had owls, they had to be wizards.
"Great idea Will!" Ari said with a smile. SHe started to put down her things and got ready to go over and ask.Suddenly i became very self concious. My hair was lighter than it was yesterday. IT was like a dirty blonde color. My eyes were green with red specks. Hopefully she didnt have good eyesight and couldnt notice the diffrence. maybe i shouldnt stand so close.

Harrys POV

i saw the pale, pretty girl and the pale boy talking to their families and looking very confused. The boy pointed at us and i wondered what they were talking about. When the boy pointed, everybody in the pale family seemed to get excited. I forgot about the scene as i turned and followed fred and george to the barrier. As soon as i put my truck and Hedwig down, i felt a light, cold tap on my shoulder.
" Um, excuse me??" a beautiful tinking voice said. i turned around to see the beatuiful pale girl looking at me with a embaressed but curious expression on her face. The Pale girl and boy were only a few feet away.
" Im sorry to bother you but, we are new to hogwarts and we were wondering if you could show us how to get to plaform 9 and three-quarters?" she asked sweetly. I was still shocked that she was still talking to me !
"Oh! Yes, Certinly! BY the way, my names Harry,Harry Potter. I said while blushing.
" Thank You so much! My name is Arriannna Cullen or Ari. And this is my cousin Will Cullen." Ari said with a smile. I smiled at Will and Ari. Will gave me a slight nod but his main focus was on Ginny who was standing directly to my left. It was if his eyes were glued to her and he couldnt look away no matter how hard he tried. She was studying him with alot of curiostity and intrest.
"This is Ginny Weasly, I motioned to Ginny. She gave a wve to Ari and Will and went back to studying him. " And this is Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger."
" Hi! ITs a pleasure to meet you both!"
" hi"
" NIce to meet all of you and thanks again for showing us!"

Ginnys POV

" Nice to meet all of you and thanks again for showing us!" the girl named Ari said. Her cousin Will, was the boy yesterday. I thinkk. He looked much diffrent. Didnt he have blue eyes yesterday? And darker hair? i studied him curiosly. Oh, maybe it was my eyes. They have never been 20 20 anyway.

Will's POV

Dang it, she noticed

Ari"s POV
as Harry explained to me how to run through the pier barrier to get to the platform. I noticed Will kept on glancing at the girl named Ginny. Yes, she is pretty, but every given second his eyes were on her.
"Thank you so much, Harry! We would be lost without you guys!!" I thanked Harry.

"Um.." he hesitated.
"Yeah?" I Asked
" Would youo like to run throught the barrier with me? because its your first time? well i will admit that the first time is alittle scary." Harry smled at me.
"Ummmm sure. Let us just get our things. and say goodbyee to our parents."
" Ok take your time."

Will's POV

Ok Im ginna man up and ask Ginny to run through the barrier with me. ...... Im gonna, how hard could it be? ..... Im gonna...... Im gonna do it..........Right now............ I CANT DO IT!!!!!!

Ginny's POV

I think Will is trying to say something... he looks as if he is arguing with himself over something. Maybe I should ask him to run through the barrier with me.... ti make him more comftorable.
" Will?"
" BEcasue this is your first time running through the barrier, do you want to run through it with me?'
"ok" he blushed.
We watched Harry and Ari run through the barrier hand in hand. Will took my hand in his and it was ice cold.
" Did you know your hands are freezing? Are you sick or something?"
"No my hands are always really cold. And im alittle cold right now too." he smiled. I smiled back and looked towards the brick barrier. I started to sprint and suddenly Will was puling me along beside him. HE was soo fast! AS we ran, hand in hand with Will, the tingly feeling of barrier hit me, but i dont think all of it was the barrier. i was holding a very cute boys hand. i think it was butterflys hitting me for the first time. I came out of the barrier squeezing an icy hand with my face as red as my hair.


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