Judging A Book By it's cover [A Jason McCann Love Story] Chapter 7

A bit long, i would say. There might be ALOT of errors in there! I was rushing!

Chapter 1

Chapter 7

by: ImBack_
Kendra's POV:
When McKenzi came on the bus she was dressed a bit differently than always, More revealing.

I opened my mouth to say something when she interrupted, "My older sister thought it would be cute to give me a makeover. She was clearly not pleased with the results. She sat down in the seat across from us. She looked at Rhina and looked at me.
"What's her problem?" McKenzi asked looking over at Rhina. Her head was leaning against the window with her ear phones pulled into her ears. I looked back at McKenzi. I shrugged, "I haven't been sure lately." i shot a glance at Jason and his friends who were laughing about something. First time I've seen Jason laugh or show real joy. Yet, I'm not sure i should call it real. There was something fake about the laugh though.
His eyes moved and met mine. I excepted him to say some rude comment but he just looked for a second then away. The bus came to a stop in front of the school as other people came off their buses.
When it came to Gym class it was the only class where you couldn't really get in trouble for talking. Once McKenzi and i got changed out we waited for the rest of the class before we went out to the track.
We were leaning against the wall as other girls came out of the girls locker room and the guys came out the boys locker room.
Jason came out with his friends. They were talking about something when Jason spotted me staring. He shot a glare before turning back to his friends.
AHHHHHHH i hate him so much! I thought to myself as i walked into Drama class, of course another class with Jason. I rolled my eyes as i walked in and took my seat next to Rhina. She gave a small smile but still seemed to be mad.
"Rhina!" I said turning to face her. She didn't look up from the things she was drawing, "You can't hate me forever, com on." I pouted as she slowly looked up at me.
She gave a light smiled and hugged me after saying, "I'm not mad anymore.....Just don't get close to him, in anyway." She warned before her eyes trailed to Jason sitting across the room. He didn’t seem happy. His face had anger in it. His arms were crossed as he sat there.....alone.
I looked back at Rhina, who was looking down at her paper again. I looked back up to see Jason looking at me, well more like glaring.
As class went on he kept glancing at me. I didn’t know what was going on so I was a bit confused.
“Okay, so….uh…I need 2 people to copy the Climax alarm in the video.” The Drama teacher called. No one raised their hands. I sighed and looked over at Rhina who was texting someone.
“Kendra.” She called. I groaned and rolled my eyes before walking onto the stage. She handed me the script as my eyes scanned it.
“You will be playing, ‘Cindy’” She said. I groaned and shifted my weight onto my other foot.
“Jason.” I stiffened. I looked at the teacher with panic in my eyes.
“What?” I hissed as Jason got out of his seat. She didn’t respond.
“You will be playing Mark,.” Jason grabbed the script from her and shot me a look before we began.
“Action.” The teacher said. I moved a few steps away from Jason.
“Mark….We…we can’t do this anymore!” I read. I didn’t think Jason would be any good at acting but…he was.
“Cindy…They don’t have to know.” He said stepping towards me; he held my hand sending chills down my back.
“You don’t understand what you mean to me.” It said in the script: Mark leans forward.
Jason leaned forward looking me straight in my eyes.
“Why should we have to hide! Because we’re from different worlds. People believe love till they feel it.”
My breath was taken away. I had to suck in a deep breath before saying my next line.
“We don’t have much time. Kiss me.…..before it be forbidden.” OH GOD. OH GOD.
We slowly leaned in and my eyes closing.
“CUT!” The teacher yelled. I opened my eyes and was surprised to see how close Jason and I was.
We stayed like that for a second.
“I see Chemistry.” The Drama teacher hinted. That made me glance at her.
“So are we done?” Jason said as we pulled away.
“Yeah…You are.” The teacher said. Jason nodded as if none of that just happened. He dropped his script on the floor and walked away. I stood there like an idiot. He’s doing something to me…and he knows he is.

Jason’s POV:
I have this weird feeling inside me. I don’t know what it is though. Being close to her is what triggered it. I I tried my best to not show any emotion as I watched her walk back to her seat. I leaned back in my chair sighed. I couldn’t stop looking at her either. She probably thinks I’m a freak.
Eric says I have to hate Kendra. I can’t be friends with her cause what happened with Rhina. I was wasted anyway….i didn’t know what I was doing, but Rhina being her friend changes everything. Not in a good way either.


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