Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 13

yay next part! NOW were at the drama....cant wait till the next chapter!!!


Chapter 1


i woke up in the morning feeling tired and unnaturally sad.i combed my fingers through my waves of black hair that fell to my shoulders in a choppy haircut that glistened like a ravens wing.i hurriedly dressed and was on my way down to breakfast with Sam when Draco emerged out of a doorway.

there was bags under his eyes and his nails were bitten to the quick.i sucked in a surprised breath froze as he hurried over to me."can i speak to you alone?"he said glancing at Sam.she cast me a worried glance and hurried into the great hall.

i looked down at the ground,scuffling my feet."hurry"he said pushing me towards a staircase.i stifled a cry as his hand pushed a little to hard on my shoulder.i stopped and rubbed the spot.he looked back at me desperate."please hurry"he said."where are we going and why such a hurry."he looked past distress just the sight sent me following after him even though there was no answer.

knwoing i was missing my first class i paced after Draco anyway.we stopped at the room of requirement sunlight filtered in through the stained glass window at the end of the hall.multicolored fragments of light littered the Draco."Draco,i swear if you took me here to make out...."my voice dropped away as i noticed he wouldn't be taking me here for this if he looked so horrible.

he opened the door already on the wall and i followed him was a room full of random objects.then i noticed what looked like a giant cabinet laying in one corner.its door lay wide open and only a bare space stood within. Draco looked back at me in distress as two strong arms grabbed me from behind locking my arms behind my back.i staggered against my restraint smelling the faint odor of rotting meet coming from the mans breath and a Wolfy scent to his body.

i almost gagged and and a high pitched laugh made me raise my head to the sound.a face i recognized from the daily prophet loomed across from me.her jagged black curls were in a messy bun and her dark eyes were cold and calculating like someone who enjoys watching peoples death.

Draco stood behind her quivering.'why your pretty.i can see how Draco took a fancy to you."she eyes blazed back at her and Draco.i should have listened to my dreams, Draco was a traitor.i tried to pull against my captor but he only snarled."why calm down fenrir shes only a girl and i doubt the dark lord will mind if you take a bite out of her later"she said smiling cruelly.

my insides twisted.the guy holding me must be a werewolf.i shivered and he inhaled as if smelling my fear. Draco had stared at me horrified at the last statement the women had said."the dark lord wants her unscathed Bellatrix."he said trying to push past her and be closer to me.she shoved him backwards and he took a step back."why little Draco i dont understand where you get your softness from in our family"she sneered and looked again at me.'your about to witness history"she almost screamed with a wild look in her eyes.i felt my heart fill with ice as they dragged and pushed me upstairs towards the highest tower in the castle.


the air whipped around us in mighty gusts.i cringed against the wall looking above me at the scene.fenrir held his wand pointed at my throat.his lips drawn up showing canines. Bellatrix looked up steadily as Draco confronted the headmaster his wand raised."...He'll kill me"was the only words i heard Draco plead. Bellatrix was impatient i could tell.she stomped her foot once."that little brat is to soft."she growled and motioned fenrir to follow her up the stairs towards Draco.

to afraid to move i stayed frozen and plastered against the wall watching what was happening above me.a figure headed up the stairs in front of was snape.he watched me shivering against the wall.he would help me right?i opened my mouth to speak but he held a finger to his lips.

before he turned around another wall i noticed movement in front of him like a boys form.above me snape raised his wand right at the headmaster.i tried not to was all over.the spell was fired.the headmaster fell backwards over the railing and i watched his robes flutter before he dissapeared over the edge.a mangled cry rose out of my throat as Bellatrix skipped over to the railing with a gruesome laugh that echoed in the tower.she raised her wand in a excited shriek and the clouds swirling above the tower turned into the mark like a threatening deaths sentence.

they headed back down the stairs and this time Draco grabbed my arm forcing me after him."b-astard"i growled at him quietly.he looked down following the others. i felt numb all over as if all the warmth had been leached out of me.

thats when i noticed Draco's hand shaking as he held my arm.

i stumbled next to him down the stairs and into the dining hall that was empty. Bellatrix jumped on the table knocking down plates and cups.she let out another screaming laugh and the glass in the room shattered around us like a snowstorm.

while the others continued on Draco stopped still gripping me tightly and watched his aunt wreak havoc on the room in horror. i pulled against his arm for a second while he was distracted and wrenched free feeling hope flare in my chest....TBC


AUTHORS P.O.V: ooooo whats gonna happen next?? do you think you know??? dont you hate cliffhangers? haha i do to sorry but its a way to make it more suspenseful so you'll want more(: im excited about writing the next chapter because now were getting to the climax and the part FULL of action and drama not just little love affairs and love notes or relationship problems. hope you enjoy...comment on your opinions!


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