Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 12

next part yay! oooo big part coming up soon either in the next chapter or the one after that...


Chapter 1


"hey is Anastasia...."his voice broke off as he noticed me sitting on the ground.he shook his head as if to clear it and said."can i talk to you for a second?"i nodded and stood.mouse hissed and darted up next to Sam and my owl flew off my shoulder landing on the beds wooden frame.


the hallway was silent and back pressed into the wall feeling cold against my back. Draco paced in front of me nervous."we cant be together anymore"he said at last.

my breathing heart shattered.confused i tried to catch my breath."what do you mean?" i stuttered.he looked away."were so different and rather not talk about it and he turned and left his pale form dissapearing in the dark.

i burst into my bedroom the warm air was to hot on my cold skin.i buried my face in my pillow as Sam already knowing what had happened sat next to me as i burst into could he hurt me that way?how could he cause me so much pain?

the days flew by and i tried to be cheery but it was to no avail.then one saturday moring a little note landed in front of me.slowly i unravled the paper and read it quickly.


meet me in the room of requirement.please come its important.oh how i miss when i sent these notes and it was meant for love but its important and involves you so come and dont be late,midnight sharp....


i gasped and snatched the note away as Sam tried to read over my shoulder. Draco tonight?but he DID say it wasn't for love.but i dont need him i thought to myself.but that voice once more whispered in the back of my mind, but dont you?


the room of requirement was a blank grey walled room that was empty of everything but a single black couch.our minds seemed to be confused and grim.i sat on the edge of the couch and Draco sat on the other end." i have to tell you something."he paused trying to figure out his words."you know about death eaters and things?the dark lord?"the name sent a shiver through me but i nodded.

"well should i put this..."he let out a growl of frustration and scooted closer to me so we were touching.he grabbed my wrist and held them up to his chest as he stared in my eyes."remember i will never leave you...and i will NEVER mean to hurt you if i EVER do"he said.he started to blabber on but i shut him up with a kiss.

it was fierce and warm.he couldn't help i.his body loosened next to me and his hand cupped the back of my neck pulling me closer.i sprawled on top of him as his cold hands pressed into my back.a grunt of surprise escaped my throat when he flipped us over.

pinned i lost my breath as he kissed my jaw to my skin was feverish yet i shivered from his touch."Draco"i whispered.he propped himself on his elbows and stared down at me."i love you"i said.he dipped his head down."i will never stop loving you"he said breathlessly going back to undoing my shirt. and i hoped it was true.


i woke up with a dreams last night.only sweet silence.we were still in the room of requirement and Draco lay sprawled on the couch.i punched my fist against the could i have done that again?i sunk to my knees and leaned against the wall.who said he wouldn't pull the whole i love you and know i dont thing again.the only door in the room swung open and horrified i watched as snape entered.

his gaze cut through me like glass."come with me now to the headmaster."he said grabbing me by the arm and hauling me up. Draco sat up groggily."Anastasia?"he said.his eyes widened when he saw snape and he hurriedly threw his shirt on that was crumpled in places.

"malfoy i cannot believe your actions,i thought you were better."snape said disgustingly and grabbed Draco by the arm dragging us both out like criminals.


in the hallway the castle air seemed laden with horror."snape how come your busting me for this when you let me get away with everything"Draco said talked to snape like he had more power then him.snape let go of my arm and turned to Draco."your not supposed to have relation with this girl Draco and you of all people should know that"he whispered. Draco nodded grimly not meeting my eye.

" i thought we were going to the head masters office"i said to snape confused.he didnt even look at me."im taking you back to your dorm and i will speak to young malfoy alone"he said.his voice was like poison so i shut up.


the common room was empty except for a few slytherins including Tatiana and Sam.i looked down shamely as snape dragged me inside by the arm. Draco stood behind him watching nervously. Sam and Tatiana looked shocked as they seen my messed up hair and shirt thats buttons were half undone."i expect you to not relate with young Draco anymore miss knight."he said curtly and hurried Draco out of the room.


"Anastasia??!!"Tatiana and Sam almost screamed at once.i sat down blankly down on the couch."you and guys...but how?and where?"Sam said incredulous.i groaned and stood."i dont want to talk about it right now"i moaned and hurried to my bed falling onto the silky covers with a sigh.


"Draco what is love?"i said staring up at the canopy.he sat on the floor at the edge of my bed."what i feel for you"he whispered back.i laughed."whats so funny?"he asked."because its not true."i said.he didn't laugh or smile."but it is and why dont you believe me?"he asked just as the door creaked open.goyles burly head appeared in the doorway."Draco we errr need you now"he said. Draco jumped up quickly."see you later "he whispered and dissapeared out the door.

****************Draco's P.O.V

i sat in the room of requirement.crabbe and goyle stood outside guarding the entrance.the fire crackling in front of me hypnotized me until it started to twist unnaturally and turned a dark green hue.i sat up straighter feeling that sinking feeling in my heart whenever he was in my presence. his flat face appeared in the fire.his snake like eyes locked on mine.his voice came out almost like a hiss.

"Draco Malfoy, you need to be ready by tomorrow for my plan to better not fail me.and that girl whats her name? ahh Anastasia,yes you must bring her with you even if its against her will." i nodded.his voice was all soon?so fast?it was to stressful,to gust twisted but i nodded once more just so that he knew i was not going to fail him.

the head dissapeared with a flash and then it was the normal orange fire burning in the fireplace.i rose shakily.i have to return to Anastasia but i couldn't get the heart to.i walked instead through the castle alone and distraught...TBC


AUTHORS NOTE: 5 comments next chapter...i need to know who is your favorite Draco Malfoy love story writers name at least five please just out of you guys who read my stories and thanks for all the feedback...should i put a song for each chapter or not because alot of people do that but i dont wanna seem like a follower....comment your answers!


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