Never meant to be love story ( part 2)

Never meant to be love story ( part 2)

ok i think your gonna get whos falling for who in this chapter but if you dont you will defintily figure it out soon!!! please comment and give me( the dancer) more ideas for what to write!! im sure it will be great if u do tht so please please pretty please comment!!! tell me what you want to see and if it was good or nott...... either way comment.

Chapter 1

Diagon Alley

Harry's POV
I always have a good time shopping in Diagon Alley, especially with Ron & Hermione. Hermione, ROn ,Ginny and I were sitting outside Florean Fortescues Ice Cream Parlor enjoying a banana split when Professor McGonagall walked by with 2 very pale but beautiful teenagers & their parents. The 4 adults all had the same golden-brown eyes when the girl had a dull reddish- brownish while the boy had purplish-bluish eyes.
"Blimey, I wouldn't mind snogging that girl!" Ron said very enthusiasticly. The girl had dark blonde hair that went down to her upper back. She was 5'5 and gorgeus.
I just wish i knew her name! I thought....... Suddenly out of nowhere. i was slapped and brought back to reality. Hermione and Ginny had slapped Ron and me.
"OW! Hermione! What was that for?!?" SHrieked Ron
" It was to get you out of your day dream about that girl! If we let it on for one more second you would on been snogging your spoon!"
" I would have NOT been snogging my spoon! i had it perfectly under control!!"
" Oh! Of course you did! then why were you just staring with tat stupid look on your face! Its the face you usually have when day dreaming about something that makes you happy! Trust me i just saved you from eternal embaressment!!"

GInny and I exchanaged glances and tried to ignore the screaming war that was happening on the opposite side of the table.

Ginny's POV

When the pale family walked by a mood settled over the alley. IT was calm and loving but you could also feel the danger in the air. Something was weird about that family and i plan to figure out what it was. As they were walking by, the boy caught my eye. He had light purple eyes with brown hair with blondish highlights in them. He looked about my age. He studied me curiously and I kept his gaze. HE was looking at me while walking so he almost walked right into Professor McGonagall. I had this strange feeling that he would not be the one getting hurt in that situation.

Will"s POV

Diagon Alley was the most intresting place I have ever been. The magic was in the air and you could feel it too. As we were walking i could tell that all eyes were on us. I would be staring too.... if I were normal. My eyes changed to blue today, which is the worst. Because i still have he red tint to my eyes, they look purple, which is weird. if i had any control over how mhy hair and eyes changed, i would use all my strength to keep them one color. But of course i have no control so they are diffrenet colors everyday which stinkss. we were gettting toured by Dumbledore's most trusted teacher, Professor McGonagall. SHe seemed nice but she also seemed firm and strict. i hated strict professors. As we were walking through the alley, we passed and ice cream shop. I used to love ice cream as a human. My eyes skimed from table to table and they landed on a speacial one. At the table there was a guy that had longer red hair with blue eyes, a girl with bushy brown hair and light brown eyes, a guy with short dark brown hair and sea green eyes with round glasses and a girl with longer flaming red hair with soft blue eyes. There was something speacial about this girl, i could feel it. she held my gaze. i hoped she was in my year and in my house. I had to look away from the pretty girl because i almost walked right into McGonagall. That would of been an excelent way to start off the school year. I am anxious now to meet that girl, but only if I knew her name.


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