It Only Takes One Touch ~A Mermaid Story~

It Only Takes One Touch ~A Mermaid Story~

-Brenna Allen has always watched the funny-looking land creatures from the safety of the water. But the older she got, the more curious she became.
Because of her curiosity, she accidentally is swept upon the sand. And before she knows it, she's human.
-Maia Arden has always loved being outdoors. She spends hours in the forests by the ocean.
While walking on the beach, she finds Brenna, laying unconscious.
One touch is all it takes to turn her world upside down.

Chapter 1

Where I belong

Author's note: This is for writingfanatic's story contest. I hope you enjoy it! ~Sally

Some people belong to be in the sky, others in the ground, looking for forgotten treasures and mysteries.

As for me and my people, we belong in the water.

The water is vast and plentiful, full of life and adventure.

But when you live in the ocean your whole life, things tend to get boring...and there is always boundaries.

Especially if your family is royalty.

Lucky me, eh?

"Brenna! Get your tail over here at once!" My fathers booming voice yelled, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Sighing heavily, I pushed back my thick black hair which had floated in front of my face before I yelled, "Okay."

Under my breathe, I muttered words that I should not repeat to others.

"Now Bree, you shouldn't talk about your father like that." A voice said in my ear with a tone of teasing.

"Oh why not? I'm his perfect little daughter who does as shes told." I pouted, swishing my long, moss green tail as a sign of fustration.

Vivian smiled, and swam ahead of me, ignoring my question.

"Show off." I muttered, keeping my eye on her sparkly pink tail as she did tricks in front of me. "Oh and thanks for answering my question Vivian! Nice to know I'm loved!"

Vivian laughed her bubbly laugh and I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing as well.

"Vivian! Lunch time!" A girly voice called and I turned swiftly to see Vivian's older sister yelling with her tiny fists on her incredibly small waist.

I rolled my eyes and hugged Vivian as she swam toward her sister.

Then I slowly made my way over toward the castle where Daddy was sitting in his throne, steaming mad.

"You're late." He huffed, his graying hair flowing behind him.

"I'm sorry." I apologized with my head held high. Shuddering, I remember to do so because of what happened last time I didn't.

"Brenna, your mother and I have decided that it's time you started to prepare to take over our duties...Which means that you need to find a husband to take over with you." Father said with up-most authority.

I gaped at him, opened my mouth to say something, then closed it again.

You look like a fish! I thought to myself. Daddy isn't going to be happy with me later.

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