Never meant to be love story (Twilight & Harry Potter)

Never meant to be love story (Twilight & Harry Potter)

me and my cousin ( theone who used to share this account with me, and is getting a new one) are writing this story . shes the harry potter freak and im the twilight freak so when we join forces, this story is born!! part 2 is coming soon! enjoy!

Chapter 1

The Move

Arianna's POV
"Why do we have to move to England?" I whined to my dad.
"Because you have creepy witchy powers & you need to go to a special school to control them," my dad teased.
"Emmett, what are you teasing her about this time?" Mom said with a glare.
"What? Me?" My dad said with a fake shocked expression. "I would never!"
"Dad, you're an idiot," I said.
"Is that any way to talk to your father?"
"Rose, you want to be the parent here?" Dad asked Mom.
"No, I like watching her take charge," Mom replied.
"She'll never take charge!" Dad said as he tackled me.
"I could still outrun you & beat you up old man!" I teased while getting out of his tackle. I was a newborn vampire even though I was 14. My dad was much older than me but I was stronger because I still had human blood in me. I became a vampire 4 months ago.
My mom said, "Oh! Ari, I almost forgot to tell you, we're going shopping with Will tommorow for school supplies in Diagon Alley. After you & Will are going to meet the headmaster, Professor Dumbledore."
Will's POV
I hate being a wizard. Ariana loves it, but I'm a freak. No, all wizards are freaks, but I'm a true freak. My hair and eyes are ALWAYS changing color, which isn't supposed to happen to vampires but I guess I'm an exception. My mother, Alice, says it's a gift to be given something extraordinary. She can see into the future. My father, Jasper, can control people's emotions. They don't know how it is for me! Always having something changed about your apperance. But my eyes always have a reddish tint, because I was changed into a vampire 2 months ago. This new school should be fun.


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