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Being the new girl isn't the best thing in the world.trust me, i've been there and done that.My parents make me move around like there's no tomorrow.i lived in California,Florida,and even in Canada! i was tired of moving around, so i asked my mom and dad if i can move in with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Bobby.after a few days of arguing over it, they let me move there and stay there.i was finally going stop moving around and settle down...

Chapter 8

Sectionals/Special Education

We was all hanging out in the choir room when Mr.Schue walked in.Rachel being Rachel and always wanting the spotlight, said: "Mr.Schue i have the perfect ballad for my and Finn to sing at Sectionals"
"me first.2 things first our competition at sectionals is a classic stool choir great voices, but don't move.in order to beat them, we need to do want they can't.dance. which is my i decided to feature Brittany and Mike Chang's sweet moves in our performance"
"wait,there gonna dance in front of me during my solo?"
"you're not getting a solo in this competitions"
"finally, wait song am i singing?" Mercedes said
"no, i was thinking that the winners of our duet contest would take the leads"
"KEN AND BARBIE? are you trying to throw this?"

note: me and Sam won the duet contest.and i know i didn't put that in the chapter of duets but who cares...lol

"look Rachel, i feel like punching you everytime you open your mouth"
"look i know i've talked the talked about everyone feelign special for voer a year now.but i haven't walked the walked.we got a lot of talent in this very room and i'm gonna highlight it"

then from there, it was hell. Santana told Rachel that she had sex with Finn on that one night. and i guess Mr.Schue had enough cause he said: "enough already.no more conversations about this! this is our plan for sectionals and that's final!"

then Mike and Britney got to Choreographing the routine that they was doing.i felt kinda bad for Rachel, so after Mr.Schue dismissed us minues Mike and Britney, i walked up to her.

"Rachel, how you holding up?"
"not good.i mean how good he? AND WITH HER? uhh"
"i know, Santana is sloppy ho. but look you can't just let her win this like this, you got to fight back"
"thanks for the adivce Alana, but i won't be needing it"
"your welcome, and Rachel, just remembered what i said, ok?"
"ok, oh and Alana thanks for being there"
"your welcome...again" i said walking away

then Sam came up to me and kissed me and said: "why was you taking to Rachel?"
"i kinda felt bad for her, you know.i mean Finn cheated on her with Santana. and Santana is nothing but a sloppy ho"
"ok, just don't drag me in this"
"i won't"

~Free Period~

Everyone was here but Puckerman.from what i heard, he got beat up by some of the guys on the football team.then we watched Rachel and Mr.Schue go at it. then Artie said: "dude where have you been?"
"i found him in a porty-poty(sp?)"

then Puck went off about he was stuck there for 24 hours and how he found Lauren Zizes and how he asked her to join glee.

"i have to say, she kinda rocked my world"
"ok guys, looks like we are back in business.welcome Lauren Zizes"


we were all dressed and ready to go.we watched The Hipsters and The Dalton Academy Warblers.

"you ok?" Sam asked me
"no, i'm nervous! this is my first time singing in front of a big audience"
"don't worry you'll be fine"
"easy for you to say"

everyone was having there own little conversation.Artie and Brittany were talking about Artie's lucky comb. Mercedes, Finn, Rachel,Santana were argueing about the whole Finn and Satana issue from last year.me and Sam were behind the curtain getting into place.

"hey, you'll do fin.i love you" Sam said kissing me
"i love you to and thanks" i say kissing him back

Sam started the song off.then it was my turn.


Sam and mine's number to: I've had the time of my life

http://youtu.be/u5FHOTiQ7gQ<-------- Santana singing Valerie


we had no time to hug and kiss each other cause aright after me and Sam sung, Santana began her solo Valerie by Amy Winehouse.then we walked bowed and walked off stage.

"see i told you, you did it!"
"i did! and i had fun doing it" i said while kissing and hugging Sam
"i did tell you that i love you soooo much?" Sam said
"yes, you did countless of times, and i love you to Sam"

then all choir groups went out on the stage...

"the choir group that won 3rd place, the hipsters." then the guy had a shocked look on his face. "both The New Directions and The Dalton Academy Warblers are going to Regionals"

both of us Choir groups were cheering.all i knew was i going to regionals and that's all that matters...................TBC

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