Loser Like Me

New Story....

Being the new girl isn't the best thing in the world.trust me, i've been there and done that.My parents make me move around like there's no tomorrow.i lived in California,Florida,and even in Canada! i was tired of moving around, so i asked my mom and dad if i can move in with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Bobby.after a few days of arguing over it, they let me move there and stay there.i was finally going stop moving around and settle down...

Chapter 2

Welcome to Lima, Ohio

i've been driving the past 4 1/2 hours.i was exhusted and all i wanted to do was sleep.but i knew if feel asleep behind the wheel, i'd most likely get into some kind of trouble or get in a car accident.and all i know is that i don't wanna die today.but anyway, i knew i was driving into town cause i saw the sign that said: "Welcome to Lima"

thank god, only 20 more mintures to drive i thought to myself

~20 minutes Later~

i pulled into the drive way of my Aunt Kelly's and Uncle B's house.

"it's still looks the same as the last time i visited"

i got out of my car and walked up to the front door and knocked.the reaction that came on my Aunt Kelly's face was PRICELESS.

"OH my sweetie, you look amazing!"
"thanks, like wise"

i walked in.it was still the same from when i last visited.the walls were a warming biege color.i walked down the hall and looked at the pictures.i laughed at some, and shreaded a tear at some.but one stood out the most.it was when me and Artie was 7 and it was at Christmas dinner and we fought over the wish bone.which i got the bigger piece.

those were good times

"you missed Artie, but he'll be here after school.if you want sweetie you can go ahead and sleep"
"is my room still the way it was when i was here?"
"yes.incase if you for-"
"i know where it is.up the stairs down the hall to the left" i say while walking up the stairs

i opened the door and see my room.i all could do was walk over to the bed, kick off my shoes and fall asleep...

Artie's Pov

I was sitting at Lunch with Brittany,Mercedes,Tina, and Mike when Mercedes asked: "What are you so happy about?"
"my cousin Alana is moving in with me! you guys can meet her after school, if you want to?"
"sure, i'd love to meet her" Mercedes said

~After School~

it was after school and i couldn't wait til i got home to see Alana.it was a 20 mintue drive from the school to my house.once i got home, i saw her car in the drive way.

"Hey Artie, who's car is that" Mike asked
"that's Alana's car"
"that car is amazing!" Mike said

Mercedes rolled me up the wheel chair ramp.

"Hey sweetie, ALANA, Artie is home"
"ok i'm comming"

she ran down the stairs, alomst falling to hug me...

"Artie!!!! i missed you sooo much!!"
"i missed you to Alana! this is Mike,Tina, and Mercedes"
"i'm Alana. Artie has talked about you all"
"i hope there good things!" Mercedes said
"trust me, they were good things.Artie would never talk bad about his friends and family"
"Are you going to McKinley?" i asked her
"Aunt Kelly is working on it right now"

then Aunt Kelly walked in the living room and said: "you now are enrolled in Mckinley and start tomorrow"
"ok, well i guess that anwsers your question Artie"

End of Artie's Pov

~Later That Night~

i was sitting up in bed and began to write in my journal...

Dear Journal,

i couldn't wait til tomorrow.I'm going to William McKinley High School.most kids won't be excited going to a new school.but i am, cause i know a few people that go there, so i won't feel so...left out, you know? maybe i'll make some more friends! maybe i'll try out for that glee club Artie always talked about.it sounds really fun.well this is it for tonight journal...night.

i set my journal and my fuzzy purple pen in the drawer in my night stand and went to bed....TBC

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